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3 Ways to Drive Foot Traffic That Aren’t Swag-Related

3 Ways to Drive Foot Traffic That Aren't Swag-Related | Nimlok Orlando
Discover creative and innovative ways to drive foot traffic at your trade show exhibit without spending money on swag or giveaways.

Walk the floors of any trade show and you’ll likely see most booths giving out “swag” in the form of branded pens, stress balls, and giveaway/drawing opportunities. However, if you really want to drive foot traffic and engagement with attendees at your company’s next trade show appearance, isn’t it time to think outside the box? Rather than spending your money on another shipment of promotional products or a large giveaway, why not drive meaningful ROI with some unique experiences that attendees will remember long after the event?

Stir Up Some Competition

If you have a little bit of space to work with around your booth, why not rent a couple of Peloton bikes to get people racing? This is a great way to give attendees a break from walking the show floor while having some fun in the process. And who doesn’t love a little friendly competition? If a Peloton bike rental is outside the scope of your event budget, that’s okay. There are plenty of other alternatives to get people moving and having fun inside your booth, such as setting up a Nintendo Wii or other console and allowing people to play a game of their choice.

Offer Chair Massages

If you’ve ever spent the majority of a day walking around a trade show venue, then you know how physically exhausting it can be. Why not offer attendees a little solace from the hustle and bustle? Consider hiring an on-site massage therapist to provide quick massages in a private meeting area within your booth. You can even set up a short promotional or informational video on a TV screen or tablet that attendees can watch as they enjoy their relaxing massage.

Consider a Photo Booth

Setting up a photo booth is another great way to generate buzz around your booth and gain foot traffic! There are even booths that allow for instant uploading to social media, so you can come up with an easily searchable hashtag that will spread the word about your company beyond the walls of the trade show venue itself. Many booth rental companies can even include an overlay of your company name and/or logo on each photo that is printed. Make things even more fun by providing some props that attendees can hold while they have their pictures taken.

These are just a few ideas to generate more meaningful ROI and foot traffic at your next trade show appearance. Looking for more help with your trade show display? Contact Rockway Exhibits today!

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