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4 Event Activation Ideas that Brands Don’t Take Advantage Of

What event activation ideas should your company tap into to engage better with customers and employees? Read this guide for ideas.

Did you know that 91% of consumers are more likely to have positive feelings about a brand after participating in an event with them?

Event activation is an easy yet effective way to build brand trust with your audience. There are a lot of fun and unique ways to represent your company that stand out from the crowd. Read on to learn more about event activation ideas and how your brand can start hosting events now. 

1. Unique Venues for Event Activation

A venue sets the stage for your event. Standard conference centers and hotels are overdone and are a loss of potential for your company to stand out. 

Think creatively! Your venue does not have to only be directly related to your product. Volkswagen, a well-known car manufacturer, has created piano stairs that play keys when walked on. 

The idea may seem wild, but it is a simple concept- when people are having fun, they will associate those positive feelings with your brand. 

HBO launched a similar initiative at SXSW, recreating their most popular shows into escape rooms for fans to play through. These rooms had customers directly engaging with HBO’s programming, all while they had a great time playing the game. 

Try to find where your company would fit into a brand activation event like this. Your company doesn’t need to be right at the forefront of the event- it can be associated with the fun experiences you are offering, the same way HBO and Volkswagen have done. Unique, immersive experiences are a great way to grow your brand. 

2. Offbeat Event Activation Ideas That Get People Engaged

The fault of most traditional event spaces is the lack of dimension. When you lack immersion, people lose interest quickly, especially when there are so many other exhibits available. 

To truly engage customers, incorporate a blend of different sensory elements into your display. There are many different event ideas to choose from. 

Live cooking options are amazing for bringing guests in, like the tailgate Publix put on. They bring amazing smells to your area and are a visual spectacle for visitors. Live drink mixing works the same way, and guests can leave refreshed (and perhaps holding a branded cup). 

Rather than a static display, try to keep things moving with multiple different displays. By keeping people moving and changing positions, you will be able to keep them engaged to a greater degree. Interactive displays will fully grab your audience’s attention. 

Photo booths are a classic choice for events. Your potential customers get to bring home photos with your brand’s logo on them, and they may be posted online for their followers to see your brand too! 

A fun way to keep guests engaged is with mazes. Mazes keep people working through a puzzle of your choosing and learning about your brand, all while having a great time. Bonus points if your maze has some great photo opportunities that can be shared online! 

3. Wacky and Wonderful Event Themes That Will Knock Their Socks Off

Just like venues, your event theme does not have to be strictly limited to your product or service. You can opt to throw events that are just fun for people to engage with. Aim to pick a theme that is adjacent to your company, like a backyard cookout to a BBQ sauce manufacturer. 

For example, a dairy company may opt to throw a 50’s dance party. People have fun and get to dance, and then finish the night drinking a classic milkshake made with their product. Guests will associate the fun with the product and even get to sample it. 

Another example would be Pursuit Channel, who had a large display that brought the outdoors inside of the trade show. They even brought in real grass! Visitors were able to tour the large booth and feel separated from the rest of the show. 

Mobile pop-up shops are increasingly popular as well. The limited-edition aspect of the event makes it all the more desirable for guests to come check and out. Customers will love being one of the people who are able to see the pop-up shop. 

4. Surprising Ways to Make Your Brand Jump Out at Events

Freebies are great, but every company is giving away pens. This is your chance to push the envelope and showcase your company in an exciting way. 

Whatever your product or service is, chances are people will want it if offered for free. Rather than standing idly and giving away merchandise to whoever strolls by at a trade show, try making your items more desirable with competition.

Perhaps you can post on social media that the first 50 people who reach your booth will win an item, or perhaps the first group to solve a puzzle win a free service. Scavenger hunts, races, games, or puzzles are all great ways to boost product desirability. After all, people love competition. 

If your product or service is not something that can be given away in this manner, try some fun merchandise for your brand! Yetis, hoodies, tech- people love these types of gear. Associating your brand with these types of giveaways helps to make your brand jump out at large events. 

Which Event Activation Ideas Will You Try?

There are so many fun ways to connect with potential customers and employees! Whether you are planning to have a unique, immersive booth at a trade show or a large-scale event featuring your product, be sure to take advantage of all these different things that can make your brand pop. 

For your next event, use some of these event activation ideas to showcase all your brand has to offer. For more information about designing a trade show booth that will truly make an impact, contact us today!

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