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5 Secret Benefits of Hiring a Trade Show Marketing Company

trade show marketing company

It’s that time of year again—time for your company to set up at the trade show. Do you know how to stand out from the crowd?

Planning a trade show can get overwhelming, from deciding how to get more leads to ensuring your products are ready for the public.

This is a time for your business to shine, but there’s so much to consider when it comes to trade show planning and marketing. Why not hire a trade show marketing company to ensure your business makes the most of the opportunities presented?

Here are five secret benefits to investing in a trade show marketing company.



1. Your Staff Can Focus on Their Jobs

If you don’t hire a trade show marketing company, you’ll have to assign tasks to your staff. From tossing around trade show marketing ideas, to designing the booth, to promoting your products, everyone will have spent all their energy on these tasks. As a result, their other responsibilities may have fallen by the wayside.

If the goal of the trade show is to attract new leads, press coverage, connections, and customers, you certainly don’t want to let your business start slipping now.

Hiring a marketing company allows your staff the time they need to focus on their jobs. Plus, if any mishaps arise, you won’t have to worry about how to fix the problem. Trade show marketing companies have the knowledge and experience necessary to handle any issues that might come up.



2. Personalized Show Strategies

Tradeshow marketing companies offer personalized trade show strategies to help make sure your business makes the most of the opportunities presented.

A meeting with the company helps them to understand more about your brand. For example, they’ll learn about your brand’s needs and goals and help you by outlining strategies.

One of the biggest benefits of using a marketing company is all the cool trade show ideas they’ll come up with for your business. You’ll get a unique exhibit design and a new outside perspective that reflects your brand and aligns with your marketing goals. After all, having the right trade show exhibit presents many benefits and can positively impact impressions of your brand.

In addition to personalized show strategies, you’ll discover some marketing ideas you can use long after the trade show.



3. Trade Show Marketing Companies Have Experience

If you’re not familiar with planning for a trade show, it’s likely you’ll miss out on valuable opportunities. Perhaps you know how to determine your goals and objectives and set a budget, but do you know how to design the exhibit to meet your goals?

Your staff may not have the experience or knowledge necessary to execute certain tasks. They might make mistakes that could cost you potential leads and investors.

According to recent studies, it only takes 27 seconds to create a first impression. And while this study focuses on other people, your staff and your exhibit will also be subject to that first impression.

Trade show attendees will form an opinion of your brand in a few seconds—what do you want that impression to be?

A trade show marketing company has the experience necessary to ensure your exhibit aligns with and helps to meet your business goals. Regardless of your industry, a marketing company can help you out. A professional and eye-catching exhibit makes your brand look professional, inviting, and interesting.

As a result, more people are likely to interact with it and to connect with you.

Also, many businesses underestimate the time necessary to successfully plan for a trade show. An experienced marketing agency will effectively manage all the planning and marketing in a timely manner, taking a lot off your shoulders.



4. They Help Create Memorable Experiences and Branding

A trade show is an excellent opportunity to create memorable customer experiences. Brands that deliver these memorable experiences are more likely to stick in a customer’s mind.

Memorable and effective marketing doesn’t have to be flashy. A professional and well-thought-out display can do wonders for creating a positive experience.

How can you attract and engage with attendees? There are a variety of ways, including:

  • Interactive displays
  • Product demos
  • Presentations
  • Games or contests
  • Prize wheels
  • Charging stations
  • Guided tours
  • Refreshments

The goal is to create a reason to get people to enter your exhibit and learn more. People that have a reason to enter your booth and interact are more likely to have memorable experiences. They’re more likely to consider your products or services.

Creating memorable experiences is great for branding. As we mentioned, positive interactions help a brand to stick in a customer’s mind.

It’s tough to come up with creative and clever ways to create experiences on your own. Marketing companies can help with the right trade show marketing plan.



5. Trade Show Marketing Companies Can Help Boost ROI

Experienced agencies are worth the investment, as they help you make the most of your trade show and help you meet your marketing goals. The leads and connections will pay for themselves if you follow your customized trade show plan.

You’ll have a way to follow up with the leads you’ve gathered after the event, and it’s very likely you’ll gain more business.

A trade show marketing company will help you create marketing materials such as pamphlets and programs, attract people to your booth, and follow up with those important leads afterward. With this all-in-one service, you’re very likely to boost your ROI.



Ready to Invest in a Trade Show Marketing Company?

If you’re ready to make the most of your trade shows, you can’t go wrong hiring a trade show marketing company. You’ll experience all of these benefits and discover many more along the way.

If you’re ready to learn more and take the next step, leave it to us at Rockway Exhibits! Check out our services to get started today.

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