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Client Highlight: Canagan

Canagan Custom Trade Show Booth
To accomplish their goals, Canagan needed a way to show off their different bags of dog food

*This case study was produced under our former brand, Nimlok Orlando.

The Global Pet Expo is by far the pet industry’s largest and most attended annual trade show. This year, the Global Pet Expo was held in Orlando, Florida and featured booths and displays from thousands of different players in the pet industry.

Prior to the 2016 Global Pet Expo, Rockway Exhibits was approached by Canagan, a grain-free dog food brand that was planning on attending the expo and needed a customized 20×20 display solution that would catch eyes and drive foot traffic to the exhibit. To accomplish their goals, Canagan needed a way to show off their different bags of dog food; since they carry a number of different formulas in a variety of different-sized bags, this required the design and fabrication of custom display cases.

Canagan Custom Trade Show BoothWith that in mind, Rockway Exhibits presented Canagan with a custom-built display including shelving units designed to meet the unique specifications of their products. Each shelf was custom built out of wood and laminated for a streamlined and sleek look. Additional displays were made from a combination of modular metal and custom woodworking. These unique design elements aligned with Canagan’s branding, with the natural wood symbolizing the all-natural ingredients found in their dog food formulas, and the modular metal provided a modern look and feel that helped bolster their overall presence.

Custom Display Solutions From Rockway Exhibits

Rockway Exhibits specializes in creating custom display and booth solutions for clients looking to enhance their presence (and overall success) at conferences. Our knowledgeable and helpful staff has worked with companies across a variety of industries over the years, being involved from the initial planning and development stages of each display to even being there to assist on the day of the exhibit, as needed.

Regardless of your company’s specific needs and desired outcomes from trade show participation, we can help you reach your goals by creating a custom solution for your display space. Want to find out more or speak to a professional about what we can do for you? Contact us today.

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