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Case Study: AST

AST Custom Trade Show Booth
AST needed a 10’x20’ exhibit booth, but they also needed it to break down into a 10’x10’ booth for added functionality.

*This case study was produced under our former brand, Nimlok Orlando.

This year, the National Investor Relations Institute held their annual conference in Orlando, and American Stock Transfer & Trust Company (AST) needed assistance in creating a custom exhibit for the show. AST is a professional service firm that focuses on assisting North American companies and shareholders with everything from investor services to proxy and ownership services. In seeking out assistance with their exhibit design, AST obtained quotes and insight from a number of companies but eventually chose to trust Rockway with their needs.

The Client’s Needs

AST needed a 10’x20’ exhibit booth, but they also needed it to break down into a 10’x10’ booth for added functionality. They also wanted an open, clean look that would help them stand out from the competition and drive foot traffic to their display. Because they recently re-branded and previously used solely pop-up displays for their trade show appearances, they wanted something completely new and different for their appearance at NIRI 2017.

They also wanted the design to highlight their new “A” logo in a way that would improve brand awareness and trademark their new look.

The Rockway Approach

Rockway created a 10’x20’ booth for AST that also has the ability to be converted into a smaller design, which the company plans on using in trade shows in 2018 and beyond. We chose a custom, modular-style booth that incorporated our sleek aluminum extrusion as well as some custom wood pieces to make the booth stand out. We also added canopy side pieces to the design and soffit puck lighting at the top for a modern and eye-catching look.

AST Custom Trade Show Booth
In order to really help their new “A” logo stand out, we also designed a 3D backlit version of their logo that the client absolutely loved. In fact, they commented that the creative display of the logo was one of the main reasons they ended up choosing Rockway for their booth design.

Ultimately, AST’s booth display was a success and they look forward to using the design again at future shows.

More About Rockway Exhibits

If your business is looking for help with any aspect of your upcoming trade show exhibit, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Rockway Exhibits. Our custom booth solutions are ideal for businesses of all sizes and across all industries!

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