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Case Study: DAP

DAP Custom Trade Show Booth
DAP wanted a simple design that focused on their product offerings.

*This case study was produced under our former brand, Nimlok Orlando.

At the recent JLC Live event for residential construction, Rockway Exhibits designed a custom booth for DAP. They wanted a booth that was made completely out of wood. DAP has worked with our team in the past on two different booths. Their previous booths were made from a combination of wood and modular pieces. DAP, a company that manufactures adhesives, wanted a simple design that focused on their product offerings.

DAP’s Needs

DAP had several requirements for this new 10’x20′ all-wood booth. They needed proper shelving so they could showcase one primary product as well as three other products. In order for the focus to remain on their DynaGrip products, DAP also opted for a simple booth design without a lot of overt marketing materials, signage and other propaganda.

DAP Custom Trade Show Booth

Rockway Exhibits’s Solution

This simple design provided DAP with an open layout that kept the focus squarely on their products so attendees could easily see and interact with them. With the feel of a local shop you might stop by for advice and solutions when tackling that challenging problem at work, the DAP booth contained all the warmth and personality that only real wood can deliver. Bold signage fit neatly into the design of the booth to highlight those products that DAP was showcasing but didn’t overwhelm the focus of the presentation.

Rockway Exhibits focuses on what our clients want and need from their trade show booth. As with the case of DAP, we design booths that are custom tailored to your trade show goals, product or service, and brand message. Whether you want a clean design from a single material or attention-grabbing lighting and graphics that can be seen from across the showroom floor, Rockway Exhibits works in tandem with you to bring your ideas to life while still meeting your budgetary needs. Give us a call or use our contact form to get in touch with us today!

DAP Custom Trade Show Booth

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