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Case Study: IBC Technologies

Case Study: IBC Technologies
IBC Technologies partnered with Rockway Exhibits to design an eye-catching, versatile custom 20x30 booth for the 2020AHR Expo.

For more than 25 years, IBC Technologies has been at the forefront of innovation in hot water heating, offering reliable, energy-efficient water heaters from its home base in Vancouver, Canada. IBC recently joined hundreds of other HVAC companies at the 2020 AHR Expo, held from February 3-5 in sunny Orlando, Florida.

As the premier gathering of HVAC professionals in North America, AHR presents a rare chance to show off emerging technologies and buzz-worthy products. IBC Technologies wasn’t about to let this opportunity pass by and partnered with Rockway Exhibits + Events to design an eye-catching, versatile custom 20×30 booth.

The Design Needs

IBC’s main goal was to showcase its products in an open, inviting space that would engulf attendees into a truly unique experience with their brand. They needed a design that not only provided easy flow – but would stop attendees in their tracks, providing IBC the opportunity to showcase eight of their most successful products.

The design elements included:

  • A full custom build
  • High-gloss finish
  • Backlit graphics
  • Eight dedicated areas for IBC products
  • Inconspicuous but ample storage space
  • A bar area
  • And, above all, a unique look!

The Rockway Solution

Crafting a design that would support IBC’s goals while maintaining the flexibility to break down this 20×30 booth into a 20×20 space when needed, was a challenge—but one Rockway was prepared to tackle.

We began with an intricate twisted look that provided a sense of motion, creating the unique experience they desired their attendees to enter. With multiple backlit graphics built into the structure to highlight each of the eight specific product areas and LED lighting around each product, this exhibit was an eye-catcher from across the show floor. The high-gloss white laminate with red matte accents (such as their custom-dyed carpet) set the scene for the brand experience, while double-sided product walls allowed all eight pieces to have an individual spotlight in the booth, without taking up too much space. 

Because some of the products being displayed were heavy, 100 to 350 pounds or more, it was important to ensure that the booth had enough built-in structural support to accommodate this weight. By connecting aluminum poles from two product walls to the bottom of the headers, Rockway was able to provide some major strength – eliminating the cost of a rigging system.

IBC Technologies was thrilled with the completed booth, which helped them to achieve their goals of walking attendees from product to product while giving each one an individualized focus. Their team loved the overall look and feel of the exhibit and noticed the positive impact it had on the attendees who visited it.

Faced with an Exhibiting Challenge?

No matter what exhibiting challenges you may be faced with – displaying large products, directing traffic in your booth, or maximizing space – our team provides solutions custom to your unique goals. From design to strategy, we take the time to develop a deep understanding of your brand, ideal audience and needs (simple or complex) to help you achieve more with your exhibit. Contact us today to start exhibiting with confidence.


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