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Case Study: P&F Flowers

P&F 10x20 Custom Trade Show Booth
P&F Flower Farm turned to Rockway Exhibits for assistance with creating a custom rental booth.

*This case study was produced under our former brand, Nimlok Orlando.

The PMA Fresh Summit is an annual convention and expo featuring exhibitions and presentations from produce and floral industry businesses across the globe. This year, the PMA Fresh Summit took place in Orlando, Florida. P&F Flower Farm, a floral business based in Costa Rica that specializes in producing and exporting a range of Dutch Bulb and European flowers, turned to Rockway Exhibits for assistance with creating a custom rental booth. They wanted to showcase their beautiful flowers, so their booth centered on a design that would allow them to display as many arrangements as possible in good lighting.

P&F Flowers Display Needs

P&F needed a display that would allow them to showcase their wide variety of beautiful flowers. Since they would be traveling internationally, P&F wanted the exhibit to be turn-key. We were able to accommodate this need by incorporating unique elements in the 10×20 design and providing services including installation, dismantling, and labor as part of their rental package.

How Rockway Delivered

In our design, we produced custom wall frames with a water-soak foam for real-life flower collages. We also put together custom three-tiered platforms, which allowed them to display many flowers that attendees could experience. The entire display was nicely lit with a custom soffit and custom LED lighting.

P&F 10x20 Custom Trade Show Booth

The design of the display encouraged attendees at the PMA Fresh Summit to walk around and look at the floral arrangements. A small seating area with a table and chairs provided the client with a convenient space to hold conversations and meetings throughout the event.

More From Rockway Exhibits

At Rockway Exhibits, we’re here to assist with all your trade show needs both locally and abroad. Whether your business needs a custom booth designed and built from the ground up, or ideas on how to improve a current design, our team of experienced professionals ensure your design meets the needs of your company and show goals. If you’re attending an upcoming trade show and want your booth to be eye-catching and functional, contact our team today.


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