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Case Study: UiPath

UiPath Custom Trade Show Exhibit
UiPath wanted to boost its brand awareness at the conference and sought assistance from Rockway Exhibits in designing a custom 30'x40' rental booth to demonstrate their software's capabilities.

“Work smarter, not harder” has long been a mantra for business owners and entrepreneurs alike. The software and services provided by enterprise software company UiPath can help businesses do just that, by automating processes and freeing up employees’ time for more value-added services.

At the 2019 SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference, held in Orlando, Florida, from May 7-9, UiPath and other software vendors showcased some of the world’s most innovative Systems Applications and Products (SAP) software. UiPath wanted to boost its brand awareness at the conference and sought assistance from Rockway Exhibits in designing a custom 30’x40′ rental booth to demonstrate their software’s capabilities.

Key Trade Show Booth Design Elements

Knowing that UiPath wanted to build brand awareness by showing off the abilities of its software to a wide audience, Rockway Exhibits quickly began working to create an open, inviting design. This included dominant, eye-catching branding elements and a conference area for more in-depth discussions. The design also featured crowd-pleasing elements, like a popcorn machine!

Some of the other design elements incorporated into this custom booth included:

  • Three demo structures, incorporating four demo stations at each, with lockable storage underneath.
  • A backlit LED video cube with eye-catching graphics for branding.
  • A center structure to support the LED video cube, provide storage, and house the popcorn machine.
  • A custom oval conference table and reception desk.
  • 3D logo lettering, held in with plexiglass, to allow the logo to look as though it was floating.
  • A backlit wall to separate the reception area from the rest of the booth, providing a more secluded feel for attendees.

Continued Partnership with Rockway Exhibits + Events

UiPath was “ecstatic” with the final product and impressed with the entire process, from concept to completion. UiPath’s primary goal in attending the ASUG show was to promote its brand and the design Rockway Exhibits delivered brought the vision to life.

Throughout the process, Rockway kept UiPath in the loop with real time updates. This stellar communication has led to a committed partnership with Rockway for future trade shows and events.

As a premier global solutions provider in the trade show industry, Rockway Exhibits + Events can tackle every aspect of trade show services from conceptualization, to design, to build, to setup. To partner with Rockway for your next tradeshow or event, contact our team to discuss how we can help you achieve more. Get in touch with one of our experienced, friendly representatives today.

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