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Case Study: Unify

Unify Custom Trade Show Booth
Unify approached our team at Rockway Exhibits to create a custom trade show exhibit for their attendance at Enterprise Connect Conference.

*This case study was produced under our former brand, Nimlok Orlando.
Enterprise Connect Conference took place in Orlando from March 12–15, 2017. Unify, a leader in web conferencing and a communications provider approached our team at Rockway Exhibits to create a custom trade show exhibit for their attendance at this important conference. As always, our talented design team was up to the challenge.

The Client’s Needs

Unify had some very specific wants and needs when it came to their design. One of the greatest challenges was that they wanted their company name to be prominently displayed at a great height so that it would stand out from other displays. However, the cost of hanging signs at this particular show is incredibly high, so we knew we needed to come up with an effective and visually pleasing way to display their name from the ground up.

They also wanted 6–8 areas where they could demonstrate their software and products to other conference attendees in addition to setting up a reception counter and a large storage closet. Because they planned on staffing their booth with a large number of employees, they also requested an open layout.

The Rockway Approach

With all this in mind, our team recommended a large 30’x40′ island booth, as we knew it would provide the size needed to accommodate the various workspaces while maintaining an open and spacious feel. To get the Unify name up high, we were able to create a large, S-curve soffit structure that spanned the entire length of the booth; we topped this structure with a fabric header, which was adorned with the company name. The soffit itself was supported with a center wall, which had 2″ metal pole extensions for added stability.

Unify Custom Trade Show Booth

On the ends of the soffits, we were able to utilize the design to create two large, walk-in storage closets. Several demonstration stations, as well as a welcoming reception counter, were also incorporated into the design. Puck lighting along the soffit created ambiance and set the display apart from others nearby. Ultimately, this custom booth design not only met but exceeded Unify’s needs.

Custom Design Services

From custom booth design to rentals and everything in between, our team at Rockway Exhibits has the resources and expertise you need for your next trade show attendance. Contact us today to get started or find out more about what we can do for you.

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