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Choosing the Right Exhibit Features for Your Show Goals

Choosing the Right Exhibit Features for Your Show Goals
Learn more about common trade show goals and which exhibit features help you to accomplish them.

Whether you’re working to expand your client base or to spread the word about a new product, it’s crucial to have an attention-grabbing, aesthetically-pleasing booth. Though, once you’ve gained your attendees’ attention, the key to a successfully-designed booth will depend on your specific show goals. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to booth design, so learn more about common trade show goals and which exhibit features help you to accomplish them.

Goal 1: New Service, Product Launch or Entering New Market

When your primary goal is to highlight a new service, new product, or your business’s entry into a new market, displays and signage are a must. Use features that will highlight your product and help educate attendees, such as:

  • Product displays at eye level
  • Cases and shelving to showcase products in a space-saving and aesthetically-pleasing way
  • Large, colorful hanging banners with informative copy
  • Television screens or tablets that can show the product in action
  • Demo stations for attendees to experience the products or services firsthand
    • Use raised tables for increased visibility
    • Incorporate multiple stations to accommodate a large number of attendees

Combining these components into one booth can ensure that your new product is front and center.

Goal 2: Brand Awareness

If you’re attending a trade show to raise visibility for your business’s name and logo, signage and oversized displays are key. Because large displays are more attention-grabbing, starting with the largest framework possible can be helpful in creating an eye-catching booth. Consider:

  • Colors, booth size and sounds that can be used to convey your brand
  • Raised tables with your product or material displays that can allow customer interaction

Additionally, a separate presentation section with microphones and chairs can allow your representatives to answer questions and call extra attention to your brand, products and services.

Goal 3: Lead Generation

Conversation is king when generating leads at a trade show, so booth features should focus on facilitating one-on-one interactions. Use demo stations and counter-height tables to allow for easy, casual conversation with attendees.

Once you engage your audience, you’ll want to capture their information for follow up after the show. Supply your representatives with tablets so they can quickly gather attendee contacts and provide digital coupons or other incentives for participating.

Goal 4: Client Retention

When your primary goal is to retain current clients (and perhaps gain a few new ones), remember these six words: meeting spaces, meeting spaces, meeting spaces!

A casual meeting space with couches or chairs and tables can help your clients feel comfortable as soon as they enter. A more secluded meeting space—whether a separate room or cubicle—can let you engage in private discussion on prices and products. Meanwhile, a dedicated area for presentations, including a television, can allow you to showcase your new products, services and features.

Goal-Focused Exhibit Features

If you’re ready to get started with a goal-focused trade show booth, Rockway Exhibits can help. We’re a premier global solutions provider for the trade show industry, and our experienced staff operates at the highest level of professionalism, courtesy and responsiveness. Contact our team today to learn more or to discuss how to achieve more with your exhibit.

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