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Creating the Perfect Post-Show Strategy

Creating the Perfect Post-Show Strategy
When it comes to trade show success, nothing is more important than creating a great post-show strategy.

As you near the dates of your next big event, it’s all too easy to get caught up in perfecting your pre-event and event strategy. It’s natural to focus on increasing your booth traffic and exhibit engagement, but the best way to maximize the value of your investment is to know exactly what you need to do once the show is over. If you haven’t developed your post-show strategy, here are a few tips that can help you maximize your event ROI.

Ensure your lead outreach team has all the resources they need

Direct outreach is absolutely critical during this time in order to back up the promise of value you communicated on the trade show floor. According to one survey, over 70% of companies don’t include converted leads from trade shows as part of their event ROI, so this is your opportunity to quantify exactly how valuable your post-event outreach initiative is to the company. Staff your lead outreach team accordingly, and temporarily reassign other team members so that you can get to every lead quickly. Give your staff access to the most updated buyer personas, and outline a detailed schedule for contacting specific leads through multiple forms of outreach including phone calls and emails. 

Take advantage of increased interest with a post-event landing page

Now is the time to turn your pre-event info landing page into a post-event space noting the success of the show.  In the days following the event, interest among your contacts is going to be high, so you need to have a new space ready to launch that will inform, entertain, and engage. This is where you can post content from the event, tout some customer success stories, or even put together a video montage. Remember to update your info and calls to action so that they are appropriate for the post-event phase, and share on your social channels to drive traffic back to the landing page.

Create new purchase incentives

Hopefully, you unveiled some effective purchase incentives for attendees during the show. Keep in mind that some of them may not have been in the purchase stage of the buyer’s journey at that moment. Now that the show is completed, you can craft new purchase incentives that build on the relationship you established during the show. 

Make post-event messaging as much of a priority as in-show messaging

Putting time and effort into creating a cohesive strategy for all phases of the event provides more benefits than just targeting buyers effectively and driving more traffic to your booth. This level of thoroughness gives your exhibit partner insight into creating an exhibit optimized to help you reach your goals.

At Rockway Exhibits, we not only strive to help our clients create high-quality event spaces that spur engagement, but we also want you to carry your success through to the post-event phase. Contact us today to learn more about how we can work together to design inspiring and bold exhibits that help you exceed your goals before, during, and after your next trade show.

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