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Design Social Distancing Into Your Trade Show Booth

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With much of the U.S. still in the grips of COVID-19, trade shows have largely taken a back seat to other marketing methods. However, nothing can truly replace the face-to-face interaction and product experience you can get at a trade show. Sooner or later, trade shows will be back in full force, albeit with some social distancing principles in place. Learn more about how you can tweak your trade show booth design to accommodate health regulations and recommendations for when you return to the show floor.

Principles of Social Distancing Booth Design

Current CDC guidelines suggest that individuals maintain a six-foot distance (or about two arms’ lengths) from each other to minimize the spread of coronavirus through the air. Achieving this level of social distance in a trade show booth that is often just 20×20 or 20×30 feet can be a challenge, but not an insurmountable one. A few ways you can encourage social distancing in your booth include:

  • Providing open (and directional) entry and exit points to avoid mingling in aisles
  • Strategically placing seating options to separate parts of the booth
  • Minimizing the use of aisles, which can create bottlenecks
  • Using monitored entry points or having a greeting counter to limit the number of attendees in your booth at a time.

You may also want to offer complimentary disposable masks or face shields and hand sanitizer at your booth’s entrance. Not only will this help attendees feel comfortable entering your booth, but it will also help protect the employees or team members staffing your booth. Even if the state, city, or event facility doesn’t require masks to be worn, having them available can show your commitment to public health and safety.

Other Factors to Consider

In addition to incorporating social distancing principles into your booth design itself, there are a few other things you can do to ensure your booth promotes a safe and healthy environment for attendees and workers alike.

  • Provide staff members with disposable gloves to be used whenever touching products
  • Regularly clean high-touch surfaces, tester products, and anything else that is frequently touched
  • Schedule appointments with vendors or prospective customers in advance to ensure that the booth is empty enough to accommodate them.
  • Use plexiglass dividers or “sneeze guards” to allow for mask-free face-to-face conversation without the risk of spreading germs.

Trade shows are all about the latest product innovations. Now it’s time for companies to focus these skills on booth innovations that can showcase products and allow for organic conversations and connections without permitting the spread of germs. While some are already tired of “the new normal,” this pandemic could spur changes that may ultimately improve the way trade shows operate.

If you need to revamp your booth or are looking for some bold, innovative ways to incorporate social distancing into your current design, Rockway can help. Our experienced designers and consultants can help bring your vision to life while keeping current health precautions in mind. Let us help you return to trade show exhibiting with confidence.

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