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How To Create Unforgettable Small Events

Small events are actually the next big thing.

It makes sense why these small events are having so much success! Creating a laid-back and “small” environment naturally puts a focus on the customer experience, intimacy, and engagement.

Make it Exclusive 

You see brands taking control and hosting events where they invite only their clients and prospects. This can feel exclusive and foster more engagement especially when you fly them in, set them up in a hotel, and provide dinner and a speaker. There are so many ways you can take the planning for these events when you make them smaller. When you are designing these experiences though, make sure you get clear on the purpose for the event: what will it look like, how should you invite, and of course, what goals are you trying to accomplish!

Convenience is King

As you plan, look through a filter of everything from the customer’s point-of-view. Make their convenience a high priority. If you keep your plates in a cabinet in your kitchen that you can’t reach without a ladder, it’s unlikely that you will consistently put your dishes away. The same thing applies to your audience. Make it EASY for them to engage. Put their dishes away for them so that they can just show up and enjoy the experience.

Date your Customers

Okay, don’t literally date them. But in these small event settings it can almost feel like a dating scene. You are trying to create intimacy, get to know each other, build actual relationships, and engage with customers in a meaningful way. If you put in the hard work while in this “dating phase” you can have partnerships that last a lifetime. Don’t cheapen it–if you want a rewarding long-term you have to act long-term right away.

Smaller events actually require more methodical strategy, but have a way bigger payoff if you put in the work! Have a clear “why”  and put in the planning effort to make it trendy and relevant. When you know your customers, that’s when you can add special touches. Their favorite colors, food, activities, etc. You can start to customize more things for them when it’s a smaller group event. The unlock the power of instant intimacy and loyalty when you remember a birthday or celebrate their personal achievement with them. How can you get face-to-face with your customers and really show them what their business means to you?

Small but Mighty Events

This unique type of event allows you to really tailor your choices to the interests of your audience. We all realize that people just want to be seen and known. If your brand can do that with even a handful of people, you will start to gain traction in your business. That’s why these micro events can really help set the stage for these kinds of relationships to grow! What bigger events try to accomplish over several years can be achieved over a much shorter time with laser-focused micro events.

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