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How to Know if Your Trade Show Was a Success

How to Know if Your Trade Show Was a Success | Nimlok Orlando
Once the trade show has ended, it's time to recap the event and measure its success.

Once the trade show that your company attended has ended, it’s time to recap the event and measure its success. Determining what worked best and the elements that need improvement help you build a better trade show presence for the future while improving your return on investment (ROI). The best strategy is to gather all the key players together for a meeting a day or two after the trade show ends.

Calculate the show’s value

Calculating the value of the show involves ranking the importance of the trade show as it pertains to your industry and the cost of exhibiting there. More subjective aspects such as the number of qualified potential customers that attended the show and how well your exhibit stood out amid its competition also add to this metric.

Determine your company’s strengths and weaknesses

Knowing the strengths of your company’s performance can be gleaned from the staff’s impressions of the event. Evaluate areas of confidence, success, and preparation. Compare your exhibit with your competitors to identify any areas of weakness and where your company excelled.

Equally important is learning from areas in which your company may have missed the mark. This aids in planning for future events. Identify any opportunities that were missed, attendee questions that weren’t adequately answered and communication gaps that need to be addressed in the future.

Measure up against the competition

Attending a trade show provides the opportunity to evaluate your competition as your prospective customers might see them. In addition to noting the products and services being promoted, determine what the competition is emphasizing in their marketing message. See how you can tweak your own messaging to stand out more.

Evaluate your in-booth features

Trade shows provide the opportunity for you to demonstrate products and services as well as offer vivid multimedia presentations. Gauging their effectiveness determines your future plans. Make note of the number of attendees at your in-booth features as well as their reactions. Evaluate the effectiveness of communicating your company’s message during these presentations and demonstrations.

Implement a follow-up strategy

Ensure that each member of your team is following up appropriately. The sales staff should have all leads routed to them for prompt follow up. Developing diverse follow-up message points in communication with prospects will help keep them engaged in learning more about your offer.

Being able to assess your company’s performance at a trade show involves a unique combination of observations and objective statistics. Use these findings improve your presence at your next event. Rockway Exhibits, a premier provider of trade show solutions, partners with companies of all sizes to develop custom trade show booths and other exhibition services in Orlando and abroad. For more information on how we can help at your next event, contact us today.

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