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Locusview 20×20 Custom Trade Show Booth

Locusview sought a booth design for DISTRIBUTECH 2024 that facilitated multiple conversation areas, demo stations, and incorporated wood tones to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Their goal was to have a functional and aesthetically pleasing space that supported effective interactions and demonstrations.


The challenge was to design a booth that balanced the need for multiple functional areas with the desired aesthetic of incorporating wood tones, all within an open and inviting layout.


To address this challenge, we focused on:

  • Creating an open space that allowed for easy movement and interaction.
  • Incorporating backlighting in the walls to add visual interest and highlight key areas.
  • Custom-making pieces to incorporate wood tones, adding warmth and a natural feel to the booth.


The booth successfully integrated multiple conversation areas and demo stations, all within a cohesive design that featured wood tones and backlighting. This created an inviting and functional space that met all of Locusview’s needs and contributed to a successful show at DISTRIBUTECH 2024.

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