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Lookout 20×30 Custom Trade Show Booth

Tradeshows are intricate events requiring extensive planning and precise execution. The complexity increases manifold when a client is simultaneously undergoing a rebranding process. This was the scenario faced during the preparation of Lookout’s exhibit at the RSA Conference (RSAC).


Rockway faced two primary challenges:

  1. Completing the planning required for a high-profile trade show.
  2. Integrating a rebranding process that was concurrently happening for the client.


To address these challenges, our creative team embraced the rebranding as an opportunity to redefine Lookout’s presence. The new logo was made the focal point of the exhibit, ensuring maximum visibility and impact. Its strategic placement meant it could not be missed by attendees.

Integrated Design Elements

The exhibit featured:

  • A video wall
  • Multiple demo stations
  • A lighted canopy ceiling
  • A tiered hanging sign

These elements were designed to work together cohesively, enhancing the visual appeal and functionality of the space.

Enhanced Visitor Experience

The layout and design choices were made to create an immersive experience, drawing attendees into the space and encouraging interaction with Lookout’s products and message.


The exhibit was a stunning and impactful representation of Lookout’s rebranding. Success at RSAC underscored the importance of adaptability and creativity in trade show planning, enhancing Lookout’s brand strength and market presence. This effort was recognized with a Portable/Modular Awards WINNER title.

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