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PLT 30×30 Custom Trade Show Booth

PLT needed their booth design to remain consistent across multiple trade shows, while also fitting multiple meeting areas and an attractive hanging sign into a compact 20×20 space.


The client faced multiple challenges in achieving a cohesive and functional booth design. Firstly, they required a uniform appearance across all shows, which needed careful planning to ensure design elements were consistent. The space constraint was significant, with the need to fit two 6-person semi-private meeting rooms and three 4-person tables and chairs into a 20×20 area. Additionally, they wanted an attractive, cost-effective hanging sign that wasn’t expensive to rig, alongside unique and effective lighting solutions. They also needed the booth to be accessible from three open sides while maintaining the semi-privacy of the meeting areas.


To effectively tackle these issues, we implemented:

  • Creative Space Planning: Optimized layout to accommodate all elements efficiently.
  • Use of Consistent Design Elements: Incorporated the same wood elements used in their other new booth for SSW, ensuring a consistent aesthetic.
  • Backlit Hanging Sign: Developed a cost-effective backlit design that did not incur additional rigging expenses.
  • Creative Use of Lighting: Enhanced the booth’s appeal with unique lighting solutions.
  • Unique Entrances: Designed entrances that allowed for openness while maintaining the privacy of meeting areas.


The solutions implemented resulted in a booth that was not only visually appealing but also functionally effective, meeting all the client’s needs. The booth successfully drew attention and received positive feedback from attendees, which highlighted the design’s effectiveness and the functional layout. The consistent use of design elements across different shows significantly strengthened the brand’s visual identity, reinforcing the client’s presence in a competitive trade show environment.

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