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Ripleys 20×40 Custom Trade Show Booth

Ripley Entertainment challenged us to create a space that embodied their brand values of “quirky, odd, and zany” for an upcoming event.


The challenge was to design and execute a booth that not only displayed interesting artifacts, including the famous Marilyn Monroe gown worn by Kim Kardashian, but also offered an interactive experience aimed at attempting a Guinness world record.


We crafted a captivating booth that showcased Ripley Entertainment’s unique identity with:

  • A blend of curiosity-inspiring artifacts.
  • Interactive challenges that engaged attendees.
  • A design that reflected their brand essence of being quirky and unconventional.


The booth attracted a bustling crowd, with attendees spilling into the aisles to explore and engage. By successfully translating Ripley Entertainment’s brand into a dynamic and engaging experience, we achieved our mission of delivering a standout presence at the event. This not only enhanced their visibility but also reinforced their reputation as a purveyor of the odd and extraordinary.

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