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Staff Your Trade Show Booth for Success

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How can you arm your sales team to deliver the best possible experience for their audience and ultimately close more leads?

Studies show that for most trade show attendees, the brand representatives they meet with is what they’ll remember six months later. How can you arm your sales team to deliver the best possible experience for their audience and ultimately close more leads?

Role Play

Trade show floors are exhilarating, fast-paced and at times a bit chaotic. Avoid showtime jitters and nail key talking points by practicing with your staff ahead of time. Your “elevator pitch” is important, but also role-playing with different scenarios will help your team inform and educate, and help them finds ways to make personal connections that can turn into a long-term business.

During role play is when staffers should be assigned to their specific booth role. Let your team member’s play up their individual talents by giving them roles where they will succeed. Examples of important trade show booth staffing roles include:

  • Booth lead
  • Media liaison
  • Demonstration lead
  • Conference session attendee
  • Show floor information gatherer

Focus on Measurable Show Goals

During training sessions, develop measurable goals and set clear expectations. Booth staffers must understand the company’s desired results, which in turn will translate into their individual goals. This can be anything from setting a defined number of demonstrations to obtaining key prospect contact information. Tracking results will be crucial in determining whether show goals were met.

Be Attentive

As the ambassadors of your brand, booth staff must have a professional and approachable demeanor at all times. Understanding the difference between positive and negative body language, and picking up on small social cues can make all the difference in how attendees interact with staffers. Avoid eating, drinking, talking on mobile devices or browsing the on a smartphone. These activities might help the long hours on the trade show floor pass by more quickly, but they don’t encourage your audience to engage with your booth.

In addition to being attentive with attendees, it’s important for staffers to also be mindful of the booth’s presentation at all times. With hundreds of visitors stopping by your display, it can quickly become disheveled without proper care.

With so many details to mark off your checklist before exhibiting at a trade show, the last thing you want to worry about is showing up with a staff that isn’t prepared. Perception is reality and in order for your company’s investment to pay off, your staff needs to be armed with the tools that allow them to put their best foot forward.  Rockway Exhibits + Events has helped hundreds of companies develop successful trade show programs — from initial concept to show floor. For help bringing an idea to fruition, or to explore ways to amplify your program’s performance, contact our team.

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