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Tailored, eye-catching trade show booths- Designed, built + delivered. 

Rockway creates tailored, unique booths that effectively showcase clients’ brands and products, attracting attention and facilitating meaningful engagement at events, no matter if you rent or buy with us.

Should I rent or buy a custom tradeshow booth?


  • Flexible

    You can change the design, purpose, and function of your booth as you need without sacrificing design and function.

  • Cost-Effective

    You get all the benefits of a custom-designed booth without the large upfront costs.

  • Hassle-Free

    You won’t have to coordinate shipping to/from your events or worry about storage.

  • Sustainable

    Reusable elements of our designs allow you to have a standout booth AND contribute to a healthier planet.

Purchasing a Booth

  • Custom Elements

    Our designers create unique elements for an immersive booth experience you can’t find anywhere else.

  • Long-term value

    A custom booth is a cost-effective investment if you plan to exhibit frequently for 2+ years.

  • Total ownership

    Own your booth for total control over your branding and easy access to your booth whenever you need it.

  • Consistent Function

    Buying a booth ensures brand consistency and functionality across events.

  • Stand-out design

    With our custom trade show booth designs, no one will ever know the difference if you rent or own it!

Success Stories

Tailored, Eye-Catching Booth Designs That Amplify Your Brand Presence

Lookout 20x30 Custom Trade Show Booth
Clever Devices 50x50 Custom Trade Show Booth
Champion Pet Foods 30x30 Custom Trade Show Booth
Security Central 20x20 Custom Trade Show Booth 2023
Teksynap 20x20 Custom Trade Show Booth
PLT 30x30 Custom Trade Show Booth

Services We Offer

No matter if renting or buying is best for you, you don’t have to sacrifice getting a full-service experience! We offer comprehensive end-to-end support so you can stress less and focus on reaching your goals.

Event Strategy & Planning

Rockway develops comprehensive event strategies and plans, incorporating clear objectives, timelines, and resource allocation to ensure successful execution and desired outcomes.


We specialize in designing comprehensive engagement strategies encompassing all aspects of trade show and event design, including immersive 3D experiences, to captivate your audience and elevate your brand presence.

Project Management & Coordination

Rockway ensures smooth project management and coordination, handling all logistics and details from inception to completion, allowing clients to focus on their core business activities.

Exhibit Fabrication

Rockway provides expert exhibit fabrication and installation services, ensuring a seamless setup and flawless presentation of clients’ booths at trade shows and events.

Tradeshow Installation + Event Logistics

Rockway provides pre and post-event services such as setting up, shipping, dismantling, storage, and transportation of exhibits, as well as follow-up analysis and recommendations for future events.

Engagement Solutions

Rockway crafts innovative brand engagement solutions, utilizing creative design and interactive elements to foster memorable experiences and drive real business results.


We believe trade shows are a sales and marketing strategy, not just a cost of doing business. Through our proven process, we help drive your pipeline and build brand awareness. Experience award-winning design and personalized service with Rockway, where our customized designs, support, and thoughtful approach ensure your brand is ready to rock any event!