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5 Tips to Improve Your Custom Trade Show Exhibit’s ROI

custom trade show exhibits

Let’s face it. You put on custom exhibits at trade shows, because you want your brand to get noticed. But, most of all, you want your product to sell.

Nothing is worse than spending good money on a trade show exhibit that no one visits.

So, what if there were 5 tips to improve your custom trade show exhibit’s ROI? You invested a lot in these events.

Isn’t it time they paid off for your company?

Custom trade show exhibits work for your best with a focused approach. Keep reading to learn 5 tips that will help you increase trade show engagement at your next event.


1. Start With a Plan

It sounds simple, but if you don’t have a strategy, it’s hard to expect you will improve ROI at trade shows. The key here is to focus on a single aspect of your business. This doesn’t mean you will disregard other elements.

Choosing an item you wish to promote, or an exciting innovation will draw people to your exhibit. Whatever you choose to promote, make realistic expectations for measuring your result.

Ambiguity is not your friend here. 

When you have a target in mind, you know your needs better when you get help with trade show exhibits. Trade show exhibit professionals will build a winning design with your goal in mind.

Budgeting for custom trade show exhibits rentals benefits from a clear approach. Funds used with purpose frees up room for enhancement of other expenses.

For example, there’s more funding available for social media engagement, which means…


2. Communicate Your Content Purposefully

Having a great trade show booth doesn’t guarantee high traffic to your display. Attendees need to know ahead of time about your exhibit. Create a theme for your exhibit that will generate excitement for prospective visitors.

Target your biggest spending prospects. Contact them ahead of time, and let them know where to find you at the show. Tell them about your exciting innovation, and leave them wanting to learn more at the trade show.

Improve trade show ROI through social media engagements that focus on the theme of your show. Use hashtags that relate to your new product or service.

Post a map of the event with your booth highlighted.

Nothing creates buzz like word of mouth. Target influencers to help spread the word about your coming attraction. Customers who follow those influencers will increase trade show engagement.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to the media in advance of the show. Let them know you are available for interviews or demonstrations of your trade show feature.


3. Consider Custom Trade Show Exhibits

Create a memorable trade show experience. Work with professionals in custom trade show exhibits rentals to maximize the impact. Choose an exhibit that best matches your content theme.

This is where media becomes a huge asset. Interactive displays entice people to sign up for giveaways or personal consultations. They also help you quantify the goal you set out before the show.

Make sure there is an area for demonstration and another for customer signups. Design your booth to allow the free flow of traffic. Displays featuring your new product should be front and center.

Enlist help with trade show exhibits to give you confidence in your production. After all, trade shows are performances, and when you perform with confidence, customers see it.


4. Follow Up With Prospects

One of the most effective ways to improve trade show ROI is to carry the momentum after the trade show ends. A measurement of your results is in the number of follow-up requests you collected.

Be personal when you reach out with emails or phone calls. Remind your contact that you met them in person at your booth. There’s no better ice breaker than recounting a shared experience.

Don’t forget to thank them for visiting and give an undecided buyer options for later. If possible, let your prospect know where they can attend your next exhibit.

There is always value in keeping prospects engaged without pressuring them. Then, down the road, they will appreciate your tact.

But, it never hurts to ask them how they liked your presentation. Customer feedback will help you gauge your results.


5. Measure and Analyze

Measuring the effectiveness of your strategy comes from more than new sales. Also, check for increases in trade show engagement. That number helps you understand the success of your performance at the show.

It will also give you insights into where you can improve for the next trade show. Generate more leads next time by learning from each successive show.

Leads and sales are your best metrics for measuring your ROI. But, feedback from your staff who worked on the show is also valuable information. 

Make sure your staff has noted comments from visitors about the display. They should have a sense of the buzz around your trade show exhibit rental.

Compare your results of this show with previous exhibits. Every time out at a trade show is a learning experience. Take away what worked and didn’t from each show to improve your trade show ROI in the future.


ROI Takeaways

Creating custom trade show exhibits is an effective use of marketing funds. When done well, they are also a fun and rewarding venture.

These 5 tips to improve your custom trade show exhibit’s ROI will give you plenty to consider for next time. In addition, you can see how a comprehensive plan will ensure better results.

Make those results more rewarding with a bold and outstanding trade show exhibit. Contact us today to get your business on track to tradeshow excellence.

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