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Renting vs. Buying Your Trade Show Booth Exhibit

3D mockup of a trade show booth for Rockway Exhibits

One of the most important decisions you’ll make for your tradeshow is whether to rent or buy your booth. At first glance, maybe this seems like a small choice, and if you’re new to exhibiting, the answer may seem simple. But this decision depends on a lot of factors, not just your bottom line. While […]

Choosing the Perfect Trade Show Booth Style for Maximum Impact

example of a traditional trade show booth style

If you’re new here, this might come as a surprise: trade shows are golden opportunities for businesses. We’re talking about the golden egg, the golden snitch, the golden calf, whatever golden story speaks to you, that is what trade shows could be for your business. The key is “could be”; trade shows are an opportunity. […]

What is Brand Activation and Why You Should Use It?

image of treace trade show booth and brand activation

Brands need more than just an online presence to stand out to their audiences; they also need to create memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression, especially if they expect to dominate their industry and resonate with their audience. This is where brand activation comes into play. But what is brand activation? We cover that […]

How To Measure Trade Show Success in 2024: Pipeline Impact

people icons with a red arrow showing gradual increase

The real tool to measure your trade show success in 2024: pipeline impact! Trade shows will always be a crucial strategy in any marketing plan. But when it comes to measuring the success of these events, well, the process can be complex even when it feels simple. While ROI and ROE (Return on Experience) are […]

Hacking The Event Guest List: Strategies To Get To Your Buyer First

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While it should seem pretty simple to contact your key prospects—especially high-level executives— and ask them to attend your dinner or session, actually getting them to said dinner or session can be more difficult. This is attributed (largely, but not entirely) to not having direct contact information for them. So, how do you navigate this […]

How to Distinguish Quality in the RFP Process for Event Professionals

several business professionals attending a meeting listening to a proposal

Navigating the Request for Proposal (RFP) process can feel like setting sail without a map; you never know where you’ll end up without knowing how to steer the ship. This crucial step can either boost your event execution or result in missed opportunities. Let’s dive into the key aspects of spotting quality in the RFP […]

The Difference Between Event Planning and Event Marketing

event planning meeting with two women and one man seated at a round table

Is there a difference between event planning and event marketing? Yes. Absolutely. A resounding positive affirmative. While these terms are sometimes used interchangeably, they actually involve very different functions that are essential for any event’s success. Grasping the differences between these two tactics can boost your event strategy’s efficiency and effectiveness. Let’s clear up these […]

Dominate the Trade Show Floor: 10 Tactical Steps to Maximize Your Impact

trade show attendees gathering at the Nikon trade show booth

Tradeshows are where champions are made and brands face off to win qualified leads. With extraordinary resources invested in these industry battlegrounds, executing a flawless plan for maximum impact is paramount. But first, you have to understand that driving traffic isn’t just an option, it’s the crux of every show. With precision, timing, and a […]

Mastering Corporate Events: Your Comprehensive Checklist for Success

a crowd of people engaging at a corporate event

Corporate events play a key role in defining brand experiences and connecting with customers. They’re at the heart of industry meet-ups, all about making connections and leaving a lasting impression. When done right, these events tell your brand’s story in an engaging way, mixing in some creative marketing tactics. Let’s dive into what it takes […]

Navigating Rising Event Costs in Uncertain Economic Times

man cutting a piece of paper with the word costs on it

Lately, we’re seeing inflation, sustainability concerns, and rising event costs blend together, creating a unique set of challenges we’ve never quite faced before in the event industry. For those knee-deep in the trenches, it’s like trying to solve a puzzle that keeps changing and there’s no picture to look at as a reference. At this […]

The 10 Commandments of Booth Staffing

person holding a magnifying glass on a red figure with other white figures lined in a row

Trade shows, exhibitions, and marketing events are the arenas where salesmanship and brand representation are put to the ultimate test. Each booth represents a kingdom of its own, and the staff manning it are the stewards of that kingdom. It’s no wonder that effective booth staffing is often likened to the best kind of theater […]

The 1 Thing the Best Trade Show Booths Do

black and white image of a trade show showcasing various booths and attendees

In the battle for attention in the trade show arena, where booths are vying for the championship of their audience’s interest, what separates the best trade show booths from the failures? What ignites the spark that propels some trade show booths to fame while others fade into the masses?  Here lies the crux of the […]