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A Tale of Three Projects: The Power of Face-to-Face Marketing

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Event marketing is a dynamic field, with countless strategies and tactics to choose from. However, amid all the buzzwords and trends, one principle remains constant: the importance of knowing your customer. This principle was brought to life in three very different projects that we did here at Rockway, and they all hinged on the concept of face-to-face marketing.

Project One: OnSolve’s Trade Show Booth

OnSolve's Trade Show Booth

The first project is a 20×20 tradeshow booth designed and built for OnSolve. This company exhibits at a particular conference because they understand that their customers attend it, seeking solutions to specific problems that OnSolve can address. This is not a coincidence, but a strategic move.

By setting up a booth at this conference, OnSolve is effectively meeting its customers where they are, both physically and mentally. They’re making it convenient for their customers to find them when their problems are at the top of their minds. This is a powerful face-to-face marketing strategy that exemplifies the value of understanding your customers’ needs and positioning yourself to meet those needs.

Project Two: Publix’s Greenwise Brand Activation

Publix's Greenwise Brand Activation

The second project is a brand activation for Publix and its Greenwise offering. In this case, the company sponsored a triathlon and handed out Greenwise products to the participants. This is a great example of a company knowing its audience and leveraging that knowledge to make meaningful connections.

Triathlon participants are typically health-conscious and regular grocery shoppers – precisely the target demographic for Greenwise. By sponsoring the event and providing products that support the participants’ lifestyles, Publix/Greenwise makes it easy and convenient for potential customers to engage with their brand. This face-to-face marketing approach not only promotes the product but also builds a relationship with the customers by supporting their passion.

Project Three: The Lifeguard Chair/Shopping Cart

The Lifeguard Chair/Shopping Cart at Greenwise Event

The third project was with Publix at Deck the Chairs in Jacksonville. We constructed a lifeguard chair fused with a shopping cart. It was more than just an attention-grabbing piece. It was a symbol and a conversation starter. The theme captured the spirit of the beach, holidays, community, family, and a contest – all woven into one remarkable experience.

The Common Thread: Face-to-Face Marketing

At first glance, these three projects seem vastly different. However, they share a common thread: face-to-face marketing. Each project involves the company going to where their customers are, understanding why they’re there, and engaging with them appropriately and creatively.

These projects highlight several key elements of successful face-to-face marketing:

  1. Convenience: Make it easy for your customers to find and engage with you.
  2. Experience: Provide an experience that resonates with your customers’ interests and values.
  3. Fun: Inject an element of fun to make the interaction enjoyable.
  4. Education: Use the opportunity to educate your customers about your products or services.
  5. Memorability: Create a lasting impression that keeps your brand top of mind.
  6. Appreciation: Show your customers that you value and appreciate them.

These three projects underscore the power of face-to-face marketing. They demonstrate how understanding your customers and meeting them where they are can lead to impactful and memorable marketing initiatives. So ask yourself, where is your customer? What’s important to them? Where do they need support or where do they go when business problems are top of mind? Answering these questions could be the key to your next successful marketing project.

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