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Custom Booth Builders in Orlando: Why You Should Choose a Local Company

When most people think of Orlando, they think of the summer rainstorms, the amusement parks, and year-long sunshine. There’s also world-class restaurants, amazing shows and concerts, and top of the line lodging options. 

With all of this to offer, it’s no wonder that Orlando is the business convention capital of the world. Every year, 2 million visitors come to Orlando for conventions and contribute over 2 billion dollars in annual economic impact

If you’re one of these visitors, you may wonder why you should choose local booth builders in Orlando for your convention or trade show display. Many people think that choosing somewhere closer to their office is best, but in reality this isn’t the case. 

Let’s look at the benefits of having an Orlando business design and make your custom trade show booth.

Building Local Saves You Money 

You can save a lot of money on the display itself by getting it done in Florida. 

Because of Florida’s low cost of living and low taxes, businesses charge less for the same services that you would receive elsewhere. Florida is a business-friendly state, and that’s not just because they pay fewer taxes there. It also attracts customers from other states because of the low cost of services. 

At Rockway, we’re also able to provide lower costs and provide you the maximum return on investment because we do everything in-house. We have our own design and building team and trade shows graphic crew. We don’t outsource, which allows us to control costs so that we can pass those savings on to our clients. 

We also have spent years building relationships with our suppliers, meaning we get the best prices for the materials we use to build your booth. This allows us to offer more services at a lower rate than most of our competitors.  

We also have a great understanding of spacing. Our builders know how to use every inch of a display so that there is no wasted space. They design displays so that visitors become immersed in your story and branding. 

Because of our philosophy of not wasting any space, you also save money because you need less space to make the same impact. All around, when you hire us, you get more bang for your buck.  

Booth Builders in Orlando Understand The Local Scene 

When you use an Orlando trade show booth design company, you’re getting more than a display for your next convention. You’re getting a partner that understands the local economy and trade show industry. 

Florida conventions are a unique experience in that a larger number of attendees are going to be local businesses. These potential clients have special needs that are difficult to understand for those outside of the state. 

For example, businesses in Florida have to deal with certain supply issues because of the location of the state and have special insurance needs because of the risk of storms and hurricanes. There are also unique regulatory and environmental needs that local businesses need to meet. 

The people in Florida also have their own culture and way of doing business. A local company can help you tap into these needs and secure new clients from the Sunshine state. 

We’ll look at your business and target customers, take a deep dive into understanding your brand, and then develop a custom trade show booth that helps you convert visitors into clients. 

Save on Transportation Costs

Even though Florida is a great place to hold a trade show, there are some logistical challenges for companies when it comes to getting their equipment and booths to Orlando. 

Any company outside of the Southeast has two options. They can either fly into Orlando or drive their trade show equipment and booths down. Flying everything in can cost a good amount of money, whereas driving will take longer because of the state’s location. 

When you use local booth builders in Orlando, you don’t have to worry about transporting everything down to the convention. Rockway exhibits will build your booth in Orlando, take it to the convention center for you, and set it up. You’ll be ready to hit the ground running the minute you show up and can focus on networking and sales. 

You also won’t have to worry about delays and items getting lost during transport. There are over 2 million mishandled baggage claims filed every year in the United States. All it takes is one mistake for your display to get flown to Dallas instead of Orlando. 

Even if your display arrives on time, what happens if it’s damaged? A transporter could drop a part and cause it to crack, or it could happen naturally because of the elevation of the plane. 

There’s no reason to risk it when you can simply have Rockway design, build, and transport your display for you. We offer custom booths along with portable and modular displays. We’ve done thousands of displays for customers from all over the world that come to Orlando for conferences. 

We’re one of the most widely used booth builders in Orlando because of our commitment to quality and drive to make our client’s trade show a success. 

Florida and Orlando Will Be The First Market To Recover

With the pandemic still in full swing, the first quest most people have is when trade shows in Orlando will come back. 

It’s important to remember that Florida is on pace to recover economically faster than other states. Unlike other states, Florida has worked hard to balance safety and economic viability. There haven’t been statewide lockdowns like those in California and New York. 

In fact, there are currently trade shows happening in Florida already!

What does this mean for you? There’s a good chance that trade shows scheduled for 2021 could move to Florida instead of canceling. Orlando can handle an influx of conventions because of their world-class travel and lodging options, along with the Orange County Convention Center. 

The OCCC has spent millions of dollars to update their facilities so that attendees can feel safe as they make their way through displays. They also have experience hosting events during the pandemic, so they know what it takes to follow CDC guidelines while handling guests. 

In short, Florida will be the first state to recover, meaning that you should look for a local custom trade show booth builder in Orlando. Conventions have already started to come back to the sunshine state, and that trend should continue over the next year. It’s best to secure your counter stand and trade show booth designer and builder now. 

You’ll Save Time 

Planning to attend a convention in Orlando can be a time-consuming task. You have to coordinate the schedule for everyone who will attend, get them there, find lodging for them, and figure out their budget for the event. 

You also have to find a company to design and build your booth, transport your booth to the convention center, and set it up. You also have to research the requirements for your trade show to make sure your booth is allowed before you even begin the process of having one built!

When you have booth builders in Orlando on your side, you can take a lot of the planning off of your plate. 

We’ve been a part of hundreds of conferences over the years in Orlando, representing thousands of companies. We know the layout of the convention center and the requirements for displays. We can get your display set up in no time. 

You won’t have to plan for transportation of your booth, as we’ll do that for you as well. We make the process as easy as possible for our clients. You give us some information about your business and we’ll start looking into your ideal customer and business model. We’ll also look at your company’s culture and branding so that we can build a booth that truly represents who you are. 

Once you approve your booth, that’s it! You can relax as we take care of construction, transportation, and set up. Instead of spending time figuring out what to do with your display, you can deal with other logistical challenges to get a head start on your next convention. 

Less Rushing Before Your Convention

Normally, the hours before the convention ends and the hours after it ends are the most stressful times for businesses. Before the event begins, you have to worry about the setup of your booth and make sure everything is perfect before attendees show up. 

Once guests show up, you could still feel exacerbated from getting everything set up and find yourself missing out on lead opportunities. This isn’t the case if you use a local booth builder. 

We’ll make sure that your display is ready to go for the convention, and since we’re in Orlando, we’ll be able to fix anything that isn’t. You won’t have to stress; instead you can develop your plan and pitch for the day. We take the stress out of your convention and are with you every step of the way. 

Displays as Unique as Your Business

Over the years, we’ve served businesses in almost every sector imaginable. We’ve catered to companies that run the gamut from marketing to clothing and everything in between. We’ve also built booths for people from all 50 states and overseas. 

We’ve helped almost every type of business and have years of experience in developing customer profiles and marketing plans for conventions. Because of this, and thanks to our understanding of the Orlando convention market, we’re able to serve any type of company that needs our help. 

This flexibility also means that you get more for your money. A local company can spend less time trying to figure out the logistics of getting your display to Orlando and more time understanding your branding and customers. 

Local companies also know the facilities, so they don’t have to spend time (billable hours) trying to figure out the best use of your space. If time is money, a local company saves you plenty of it. We have the experience to deliver memorable displays designed with your branding in mind. No two companies are alike, so no two displays should be, either. 

We Know Everything About the Orange County Convention Center 

Most of the major events in Orlando will take place at the OCCC, which is 7 million square feet spread across two buildings. The convention center has on-site dining, business centers, and a massive floor for displays. 

It’s important to work with a company that has experience building booths for the OCCC for several reasons. 

First, we understand how to use floor space to make your display more attractive and expansive. We can develop a plan to use every bit of space you have. You’ll stand out because your stand will be an immersive experience. 

We also know what steps the center takes to help keep visitors safe from COVID-19. The OCCC uses digital technology to monitor the temperatures of people in attendance, have handwashing and sanitation stations throughout, and encourages social distancing during events. 

This is important because depending on where you’re at, you can incorporate these things into your display. If you’re far away from one of the sanitation stations, you can offer hand sanitizer and wipes to visitors. 

You can also build social distancing into your display by creating a display that takes visitors through the story of your brand. Now that people want to stay apart from each other, if your display does this effectively, you could attract more potential clients. 

Knowing the layout of the building also helps us plan banners. We know what works in the building and what doesn’t. Only local booth builders in Orlando have this knowledge and can take full advantage of the layout of the OCCC.   

Build Relationships Where the Conferences Are

There are dozens of conferences in Orlando every year, and even more in the immediate area. The chances of you making your way down to Orlando for more than one conference a year are high. 

Even if you aren’t in Orlando, there are more conferences in Jacksonville, Tampa, and Miami. Florida is the conference/trade show capital of the world, and Orlando sits in a central location to them all. 

By working with a local company for your trade show booth needs, you can build a relationship with a centrally located business that can serve your needs whenever you have a show in Florida. 

You won’t have to worry about finding someone in every city; an Orlando company sits right in the middle of every major Florida market. 

Many of our customers use us to design and build a booth once a year for their events in Florida, and either transport it to each event if their schedule allows. If the events don’t match up, they’ll store their display in a storage facility here and then take it to the next event in Orlando or another Florida city. 

If you intend on doing this, let our design team know and they’ll build your display to make it as easy as possible for transporting. We’re able and experienced in building displays that are easy to break down, transport, and set back up. 

You can take care of all your Florida trade shows with one phone call today, saving yourself time and money!

Local Booth Builders in Orlando Can Respond to Your Needs Quicker

If you’ve been to enough conventions, you’ll know that Murphy’s Law is a real thing: what can go wrong will go wrong at some point. You could realize a few days before the convention that you forgot to add an important graphic or detail. Maybe you get to the convention center and realize that there’s been a mistake on your display. 

Even if everything is perfect on the first day, what happens if part of your display gets damaged? If your booth builder is in another state from your convention, you’re pretty much out of luck. You’d have to wait for your next trade show to get your booth fixed. 

If you use someone based out of your home state, you won’t have enough time to get any last-minute changes or fixes made. When you use someone in Orlando, however, we’re only a few minutes away. Our team will do whatever it takes to make your display perfect. 

Even if you don’t need any changes, repairs, or fixes, you’ll still have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your booth builder is right down the road. You can worry more about generating leads and sales and less about your booth. 

Why You Should Choose Rockway as Your Orlando Custom Booth Builders

The trade show industry is big in Orlando because of the number of conventions held here every year. When looking for a business to handle your convention needs in Orlando, there are some things you need to look for to ensure you get the best value for your money. 

First, you need a company that has experience designing and building trade show booths for Orlando conventions. We’ve built thousands of booths for a wide variety of companies that span almost every industry. We know how to attract clients and convert them from visitors to clients. 

We also have a company-wide philosophy of being bold. We believe in boldness in everything that we do, and that will translate into grand booth designs that will help you stand out at your next convention. We turn grand ideas into functional and beautiful displays that you’ll be proud to put your company’s name on.

We spend the time needed to get to know your target customers and your brand. We will communicate who you are to your visitors and target our focus on driving conversions. Our booths stand out because they do more than attract foot traffic. Our booths attract people looking for your services and that are ready to buy now. 

You also want a company that’s built on integrity. We will work with you through every step of the design and building process to make sure you get the perfect booth for your needs. We’ll never promise you something that we can’t deliver. 

We’d rather lose business because we were honest with the people we work with than gain business by over-promising and under delivering. When you work with us, you get a partner that will always be upfront with you. 

We believe in building partnerships built on trust. We know that our success depends on your success and will do everything in our power to get you results at your next Orlando trade show. When you partner with Rockway, you’re partnering with a group of talented, experienced professionals dedicated to your success. 

Contact Us Today to Get Started 

Like everyone else, we’re excited to get back to business in 2021, and that starts with getting back into trade shows and developing new relationships with clients. We’re here to help you get new leads and get back to doing what you do best: making sales. 

If you’re planning on attending trade shows in Florida, Rockway Exhibits is here for you. When looking for the best booth builders in Orlando, you need a company with a bold vision and the integrity to get the job done. Rockway Exhibits is that company. 

Contact us today and share your ideas with us. We’ll learn more about your business and customers and then get to work turning your vision into reality. 

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