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Step Up Your Trade Show With Digital Trade Show Displays

digital trade show displays

A recent survey revealed that over 90% of trade show attendees are actively looking for new products. 

With so many people ready and willing to buy right at your fingertips, you really just have one obstacle standing in your way. That is, all of the other exhibitioners. 

Fortunately, you know the secret to standing out above your competition and taking trade show engagement to the next level. With the help of digital trade show displays, those trade show attendees will be flocking to your stand. 

Ready to discover how to improve trade show engagement with the use of LED video walls and touchscreens? Follow along to learn the digital display trade show secrets you need for success this season.


LED Video Walls for Attention-Grabbing Graphics

The first digital trade show displays you need to draw customers in are LED video walls. 

By customizing the shape and size of your video wall, you can capture attention from across the exhibit to draw a crowd and maximize visibility. Here are a few key benefits to consider.

Large Scale Displays

One of the largest challenges with trade booth design is getting your branding out there without overcomplicating your booth. 

Since simplicity is key to creating an inviting area for attendees to visit, you’ll be able to save valuable space for bodies without sacrificing amazing displays. In fact, the size and animation of your display wall not only frees up space for more people, it actually draws them in from as far as the eye can see!

Easy to Change

Setting up for multi-day events? Expand your promotion by switching up your booth from day to day with just the digital trade show display. 

Changing your graphics, promotions, and design has never been easier and more accessible than it is with an LED video wall. You can recapture attention, work your way through a promotional pack, or try something new to see better results. 

Whatever your reason for changing, you won’t have to worry about rearranging displays or moving any heavy pieces with the clever, easy-to-change walls.

Captivating Video

Video is taking over on social media as the most engaging form of content, so why not leverage this at your trade show booth? 

With 84% of people revealing they were convinced to buy a product based on the brand’s video, you’ve got a lot to gain with an LED video wall. With video this impressive, you’ll be able to stop customers dead in their tracks and pull them into your interactive display.

Product Display

Whether you’re promoting a new release or you’ve traveled a long way to exhibit, sometimes having your products at the show is just not possible. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice trade show engagement if your stock isn’t live. 

Effortlessly display your products in animated form on your display screens and sell the features without any of the shipping costs. You can save time and money while collecting valuable pre-orders right on sight.


LED Touchscreens for Engagement

Now that you’ve drawn attention to your booth, you’ll need to up your trade show engagement with LED touchscreens. 

Here are a couple of interesting ways you can encourage customers to stick around with interactive digital trade show displays.


Your customers are addicted to their touchscreens, so why not take advantage of this by blowing it up in a big way. 

Think outside of the box to create larger-than-life touch screen demonstrations for applications, services, and more. With a person-sized ‘smartphone’ right in front of them, your visitors won’t be able to stop their curious minds from inquiring within!


One of our favorite ways to encourage interaction and get customers involved is games. 

Design your own touchscreen-enabled game and host a game show right in your booth. You’ll be able to keep customers around for longer which in turn, draws an even larger crowd to see what the fuss is about. 

Beyond this, the fun and stand-out idea often make your brand more memorable to attendees. 

Self-Service Information

Are you missing out on customers because you don’t have enough staff to talk to everyone? Consider using your touchscreen to create an interactive self-service station for those who are waiting to learn more. 

This will prevent people from walking away to ‘come back later’—something that rarely ever actually happens. 

You can load up your self-service station with helpful tips, videos, and email capture to follow up if you aren’t able to get to them in time. 

Ordering and Lead Generation

Paperless is the way of the future, so why not hop on board with paperless lead generation through clever touchscreen technology. 

Guide your guests through their very own experience on touchscreens to learn about your product or service, place an order, and leave their details for valuable lead generation.

Raffles and Giveaways

No one can resist a great giveaway! Not only are raffles and giveaways great for brand awareness, they actually act as a perfect excuse to gather leads. 

Host your raffle or giveaway through your interactive touchscreens to make lead management post-show more accessible. 

For bonus points, make your raffle memorable with creative animations and interactive screens. With technology like this, any excuse to keep them around for longer is a good one!


Digital Trade Show Displays for Success

Now that you know how digital trade show displays can enhance your trade show engagement, there’s no reason to delay. Up your trade show efforts with rental or purchasing options and make your booth the star of the show. 

Ready to blow away the competition at your next event? Get in touch with us today to discover how we can help you design and execute the ultimate digital display trade show booths for success. 

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