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Experiential marketing: Agency Tips for Pop-Up Experiences

Experiential marketing

Over 79% of brands who have hosted a pop-up shop say that the endeavor was successful, and more than 55% of these brands said that they would definitely have another one!

Pop-up events, in their most basic form, are temporary retail spaces that allow businesses to sell their products in an environment that they completely design and control.

In 2022 and beyond, pop-up shops are no longer solely for businesses that have physical retail spaces, but they’re also for eCommerce and online businesses too.

Keep reading to find out more about how a mobile marketing agency would handle your pop-up shops and how you can promote them in unique ways. 

What Makes a Good Pop-Up Shop 

We’ve all experienced a pop-up shop in some form or fashion, whether it be a temporary space all branded up in a mall or an experience dressed smartly at another location. 

Whatever the pop-up experience is, there are a few characteristics you want to have to make it great:

  • Pop-up shops should have the ultimate goal of creating connections with customers 
  • The experience should be unique 
  • Great branding and marketing 
  • Accessible or busy location for foot traffic 

If you can tick these boxes, then your pop-up shop will be on the road to success. 

Developing a Marketing Strategy for Your Pop-Up Shop

The best way to find success with your pop-up shop is to plan your marketing strategy with your ideal target audience in mind. How will you market your pop-up shop? How will you get people to visit? 

1. Consider Traditional And Digital Channels 

Since pop-up shops are physical locations, irrespective of the type of business that is hosting them, it’s a good idea to spread your marketing over traditional and digital channels. 

Press releases in local and statewide publications can work in the traditional sense. Social media events and content can drum up digital excitement for your pop-up shop. 

2. Mobile Marketing Agency Tips 

You can take a page out of a mobile marketing agency’s playbook and use that to promote your pop-up shop. Over 50% of internet traffic originates from mobile devices. 

If you can effectively communicate with your ideal target audience through precise marketing efforts, then your mobile marketing for your pop-up shop will be successful. 

Consider PPC advertising (pay-per-click advertising) and paid social media advertising to deliver the details of the event. Both forms of mobile marketing can help you deliver a message directly to a specific demographic or geographic area which will translate to feet through your pop-up shop door. 

3. Talk About Radius Marketing 

Wherever the location of your pop-up shop might be, you should use a radius from your pinpoint outwards to attract traffic. 

Traditional means like posters, directional arrows, banners, and mystery-driven signage can entice people to head toward your pop-up shop. 

Look around for locations near your event that will have high volumes of people or vehicles and see how you can get those people’s attention and bring them in your direction. 

4. Social Is Everything 

Staying active on social media is critical to the success of your pop-up shop, especially when it comes to content. During the pop-up shop, assign at least one employee to manage your social media presence and post photos, videos, updates, and live streams of what’s going on. They can also answer questions from social media followers and persuade people to visit the pop-up.

This is how you can make sure your pop-up store is attracting customers. Encourage customers to share their own content on social media because of their positive experiences. This can be photos or videos they’ve taken, which you can ask them to post directly on your page or simply tag your brand in. Create a unique hashtag for your pop-up shop and encourage visitors to use it when posting on social media. Encourage them to do so by offering prizes to customers who use your hashtag in their posts.

Gather contact information from visitors to the pop-up shop so you can market to them after the event. Remember to encourage visitors to join your email list or follow you on social media.

Tips for Standout Pop-Up Shop Experiences

The key to keeping your pop-up shop performing well with mobile marketing is really to keep people talking about it. The more conversations that are happening online and the more content that is being shared means your brand’s pop-up experience is occupying online real estate. 

Another surefire way is to ensure that your pop-up experience stands out for the people who visit. Here are some pointers:

  • Take risks with the design of your pop-up store to help it truly stand out 
  • Choose a unique theme that is aligned with your branding and keeps your brand’s persona attributes 
  • Experiential elements are a good idea, so people experience and not just visit 
  • Visuals are everything online; create a space that is “Instagram-worthy.” 

The more unique that your pop-up store is, the more of an experience that you offer, and the quality of the merchandise and product you offer can make or break your pop-up shop efforts. 

Remember, a pop-up experience doesn’t necessarily have to be a shop, though. It can even be a brand activation or brand awareness exercise! 

Memorable Pop-Up Shops With Mobile Marketing

If you’re considering a pop-up shop and you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, then you should also consider finding a mobile marketing agency to assist you with your efforts.

Arranging the experience itself is enough of a challenge. Worrying about the marketing strategy and tactics on top of that can be a lot for one person.

Remember, a marketing agency can help you plan while you get to worry about other business to-do’s that need your attention. Also, absolutely don’t forget to set marketing goals before you open your doors. How else will you know if your endeavor was a success!

You are in the right place for an agency that knows exactly what you need to take your pop-up experience to the next level. Contact us today


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