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How Businesses Can Recruit Talent by Building Virtual Showrooms

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The employment rate in the USA is higher than it has ever been before. Nowadays, the employment rate has reached an impressive 58%. That means the jobs market for employers is becoming more competitive as a result.

With so many more people qualified and experienced, it can be hard to stand out to the right kind of candidates. One way you can manage this is by adopting a virtual showroom recruitment method.

It may not be the first thing you think of, but the benefits of a virtual showroom compared to a face to face recruitment model are vast. We’re going to highlight some of the key benefits of using a virtual showroom in employment below.


Virtual Showrooms Can Be a Great Way to Show Space Without Having to Travel

Just in case you’re not aware of what a virtual showroom is, make sure to read our previous post on the topic. Once you’ve done that, carry on below to read their many benefits for recruitment drives.

Most employers these days will have committed a great deal of time to design their work environment.

This can be an attractive perk for any potential future employees. But if they can’t travel to your location to visit, which is very common these days during the pandemic, they won’t experience this first-hand.

By creating a virtual showroom, you’re able to take your work environment directly to them. Nobody needs to travel, as they can use a VR set in their hometown or state to experience everything they would have by flying over.

This can be vital if you’re looking to conduct a hiring process that’s in a different state to your headquarters. That means it can make virtual showrooms important not just for huge companies, but for smaller SMEs as well.

Being able to experience the space they will be working in can be priceless for a future employee. It can help them to visualize the kind of working environment you’re cultivating with your business.

By doing so, they’ll begin to imagine themselves within it, which can make them more excited about the prospect of working with you in the future. This is one benefit that’s notable when considering virtual showrooms vs in-person exhibit options.


Virtual Showrooms Can Show Off Your Work Culture Through Creativity

If you’re doing a traditional recruitment drive, there’s only so creative you can go. You’re likely going to involve interviews, maybe some assessments or some trial shifts.

But you can’t go too far into showing off what your work culture is really like for your prospective employees. This all changes if you’re using a virtual showroom.

With a virtual showroom, the only limits to your creativity are your own imagination. You can create a recruitment space that really emphasizes what makes the work culture you have at your company great.

There are benefits to playing it normally too, as mentioned above. But being creative can entice people into learning more about what your business does, and what it’s like to work there.

This is particularly true of younger people, who are more inclined to enjoy VR experiences in general.

If they find your virtual showroom enjoyable, chances are they’re going to fit in well with your work culture. Particularly if the experience you’ve created is very different from those offered by other companies.

This can be an excellent way of ensuring you employ the right kind of people for the job. If people relate to your work culture, they’re more likely to build a connection with your business.

This can then improve their overall wellbeing whilst working with you, as well as their productivity.


Virtual Showrooms Are Interactive Experiences That Improve Engagement

Oftentimes, the recruitment process can be a very hands-off experience. You’ll likely meet a couple of managerial staff members, and share your skills and experience with them.

Sometimes you might get to engage in a trial shift with the company. But more often than not, you’re not engaging much with the company you’re trying to get recruited by.

This is a problem since a good employee will engage with their position for several years into the future.

This is another area where virtual showrooms can benefit the recruitment process. A virtual showroom is an interactive experience because it uses advanced VR technology.

Anyone who engages with your showroom will find themselves inserted within the virtual space. They’ll then be able to interact directly with anything within the space, all of which is somehow related to recruitment and your brand.

This can be an excellent way of ensuring your prospective employees engage with your business from the get-go. You can then assess just how much they are getting involved within the process, which can further help you decide the best individual for the job.

You’re also able to design virtual showrooms around various recruitment challenges, depending on the job you’re advertising. This can be a way of providing practical recruitment challenges, as well as advertising your company to potential workers.

This kind of strategy works excellently for college drives in particular. In situations like this, you can show young people your company, whilst letting them engage with it directly.

This can be a memorable experience and, when combined with other strategies, can help you hire a talented young workforce in the future.


Where Can I Find Out More About Virtual Showrooms?

You should now know the many benefits designing a virtual showroom can have for your recruitment options. If you ever find yourself asking how to recruit trade show talent, you should now have an answer. But we know that not every business owner knows how exactly a virtual showroom can be made.

That’s where we come in. The team here at Rockway assists companies with various different showrooms, from the physical to the virtual.

To find out more about how we can help you create a virtual showroom space, make sure to read more about our Rockway Reach service.

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