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Learn How to Develop Your Tradeshow Skills

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Are you new to the trade show world? There is a lot to digest when you’re just getting started. Maybe you’ve been doing trade shows for a while now, and are still continually learning! No matter who you are, there are ways to strengthen your exhibiting muscles. So how can you take your team’s tradeshow skills to the next level? 

With two superpowers: education and innovation! Let’s dive in.

Educating Trade Show Management

Managing a successful trade show with an inexperienced marketing staff can be a challenge.

That’s why it would be amazing to see more opportunities for event marketing education! There are so many ways we could develop better industry talent. Educational institutions could partner with event marketing organizations to create programs and pathways into the field. Also, entry-level professionals can benefit from formalized instruction in the fundamentals of event marketing, like the CTSM (Certified Trade Show Marketer Program) to develop their tradeshow skills.

The CTSM Program is an educational program that provides the necessary knowledge and resources to successfully manage and run trade shows. It offers courses, data, and tools to help exhibit managers learn the business quickly. With training, career opportunities will expand, allowing more people to gain expertise in running effective events.

Innovating Trade Shows for a Better Future

The second superpower skill isn’t always as simple as it sounds: Innovation!

What does that actually look like in practice? It means being willing and open to trying new things, staying connected with trends, and thinking creatively about solutions to problems. Consider: Where is your innovation weak point? What needs some attention? Let’s go through a few ways to innovate stale trade show routines.

Understanding the need to evolve trade shows.

Like any good thing, our trade shows need to be in a fluid state of change. If we want growth, we need movement and change. It’s a constant effort to keep trade shows up-to-date with the latest market trends and expectations. By taking the time to understand what our customers need, we can ensure that each event is ahead of the curve. It does take time and money though, so plan accordingly! Decide to continuously research and develop new strategies for your ever-changing trade shows, and you’ll see your numbers change for the better as well.

Adopting data and technology to create a cost-effective show.

There is value in using data-driven technology to streamline processes and reduce overall costs. In order to create a cost-effective show, you may need to rely on projectors, or other screens that allow you to change and adapt to the ebb and flow of your business. If you spend money on a structure that might be out of date in a few years, it can start to drain your marketing budget really quickly. Using technology can help make changing your strategy and presentation as easy as tapping a finger.

Encouraging event marketers to learn and lean into new trends.

Sometimes for one reason or another, we have a tendency to avoid trends. Maybe it’s so that we don’t look the same as everyone else. And while it’s great to be unique and stand out, we also don’t want to stand out in a bad way. Event marketers should stay aware of new trends in the industry and make sure to apply them to their strategies. Fit in first, then find ways to express your brand in a unique way utilizing the tradeshow skills you’ve learned along the way. If you can’t speak the right language, it doesn’t matter how funny the jokes are.

Join the Exhibitor Advocacy

Have you heard of Exhibitor Advocacy? It’s literally designed to support exhibitors and help their voices be heard! The goal is to secure a better future for exhibitors, get answers to your questions and handle any concerns that you have! You can become a member by visiting their website at

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