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3 Trends You Can’t Miss Out On For Your Trade Show Booth Design

When people hear the words “trade show,” they have a mixed response. On one hand, trade shows are often exciting avenues for showcasing your company’s skills and learning more about the industry. 

On the other hand, people often associate them with meandering walks through boring booth displays. Trade show booths have a reputation for being uninspired, which is unfortunate. If done rightly, a robust trade show booth design can lead to many opportunities. 

If your booth stands out, people are more likely to check out your services. If you can draw traffic, then you can build relationships with other professionals in your industry. You don’t want to miss those chances!

So, to help you build the best trade show booth possible, we’ll explore three trends in the design world that are sure to make you stand out!


1. Indoor Jungle Trade Show Booth Design

One trend that several businesses utilize in their trade show decoration is natural scenery. When you walk through trade shows, they often feel corporate. The floor is plain and dull, while people in business casual attire mill around pretending to be interested in some display.

In such an environment, some natural greenery is bound to pop. You can create such a design with relative ease. All you have to do is buy a bunch of potted plants and place them in a way that doesn’t feel too cluttered.

The amount of greenery you should buy depends on the space allotted to your business’ booth. If you’re in a 10×10 space, you can’t stock quite as many plants. If you’re in a 20×30 space, however, you have many more options. 

In addition to using plants, it could help if your other decorations use earth tone colors that complement the shrubs. Alternatively, you could use bright, fun colors like yellow and pink to create a tropical feeling.

There are several benefits to this plan. First, it’s cost-effective. You can find potted plants for as cheap as $5, especially if they’re plastic plants.  Secondly, nature produces a relaxing effect on people. People naturally find beauty in nature, which then draws them to check out your products. 

The indoor jungle idea can also be a fantastic way to promote new environmentally friendly initiatives that your company has launched. 


2. The Minimalist Option

The minimalist design trend has survived for decades, and it continues to inspire businesses and designers today. Just recently, minimalist design ignited controversy when Firefox’s logo went too far in the minimalist direction for many users. 

While minimalism is not always the most popular design trend, this controversy shows that it can grab people’s attention. If you play your cards right, you can capture this by incorporating minimalist tricks into your trade show booth ideas.

One example of minimalist design with many possibilities is a black and white scheme. While this may sound bland, especially compared to the indoor jungle idea, it has its benefits. 

The goal of minimalist design isn’t to have anything noteworthy in your decoration; instead, the idea is to make sure nothing distracts viewers’ eyes from the crucial elements.

You can use black and white to accomplish this. One effective method is to use white walls with black shelves and tables. Near the middle of your booth space, you can then display your company logo in full color. This way, it immediately catches your viewer’s attention. 

From there, you can figure out what else you want to emphasize. Are you showcasing products? Is there a data display you want to focus on? Even something like a colored graph or chart pops against black and white.

Moreover, while white walls may sound dull, in most trade shows they contrast against other designs. Many trade shows rely extensively on black, making your white display visible in a sea of darker colors.


3. Creating a Comfortable Lounge

This last option is one that’s grown in popularity over the years. The intent behind this design is to focus on building relationships. As mentioned elsewhere in this article, one of the principal benefits of trade shows is that they allow you to meet others in your industry.

So, by creating a comfortable space with a living room or lounge feel, you enable people to sit and talk. If you want to go above and beyond, you can even stock your booth with a coffee maker so visitors can have a little caffeine boost. 

This relaxed space is a relief to many trade show attendees. After all, attendees spend most of their time standing and walking through the displays. Most will flock to a place that lets them sit down awhile. 

To create this atmosphere of comfort, all it takes is some living room furniture. Provide some coffee tables and soft chairs for people to sit and talk. You can create a little ambiance with some standing lamps.

There’s a lot of room for customization with this style, allowing you to tailor the look to your expected audience. If you want to draw in a younger audience, maybe you can use beanbag chairs in your display. 

For the corporate executive types, offer some dignified choices like high chairs or barstools. This design choice also allows you to incorporate ideas from the previous design styles. To add more comfort, dot the booth with a few potted plants. 

To add more of the black and white scheme, you can have white chairs and black tables. Again, tailor this to your audience. If you’d like an example of a lounge style, check out this case study of Sixty South’s booth design. 


Consider Hiring a Trade Show Booth Company

You can use any trade show booth design to enhance your display and draw attention to your company. With the right look and atmosphere, you’d be amazed at what could come of your trade show. 

The only question for you now is whether you can build this booth yourself. If you have grand visions but aren’t sure how to accomplish them, consider hiring a trade show booth company to build your booth for you.

These companies provide expert services to build the booth you need, so contact one today!

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