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4 Key Features Your Trade Show Exhibit Design Should Include

trade show exhibit design

Did you know the success of your trade show often boils down to your exhibit designs? A trade show exhibit design gives you the opportunity to showcase your company in new and exciting ways. The right exhibit design ideas will catch the attention of passersby and send the right message to your target audience.

The wrong design, though, can make you appear less professional. Consequently, a poor design can fail to provide a truly engaging experience for event attendees. It can also cause you to fail to meet your trade show goals.

So, to get the most out of your event, you need to know some key features of great tradeshow exhibit designs. We’ll get into 4 of them below. Keep reading so you can learn how to take your trade show preparation to the next level!

1. Embrace Negative Space as Part of Your Design Mechanics

People like white space in trade show exhibit designs. Empty space, on both the page and in real life, allows the brain to take a breath and relax. It also gives your area a sense of calm, clean professionalism.

Many companies make the mistake of crowding their trade show booth with an excess of furniture and items. When you do this, people might find they don’t know where to look or what to focus on. Worse, crowding your booth with oversized furniture will make it look uninviting and messy.

Likewise, you should keep any graphics clean and simple. Use clear images against blank backgrounds. If you’re incorporating text, keep it simple and to the point.

If your graphics appear too crowded, they may overpower your message. As such, they may fail to draw people to your booth. Graphics that embrace negative space allow people to digest information in an easier manner.

2. Add Interactive Walls and Cut-Outs

If you want to make your booth truly pop, add interactive walls and cut-outs.

Nowadays, the design of your booth’s walls is crucial. With the popularity of apps like Instagram, people enjoy looking for interesting walls and snapping a photo for their social media pages. This can serve as free publicity for you if you design a wall with unique cut-outs and cool patterns. Encourage booth visitors to tag your business in their social media posts!

You can make your walls interactive by using a touchscreen interface. This is a great opportunity to let attendees learn more about your company and products. You can also use an interactive wall to let them play games. Gamification helps them remember your brand in the future and encourages them to learn more.

The more immersive and memorable your experiences, the better. As such, you shouldn’t be afraid to get creative with your walls and cut-outs!

3. Use Color in Your Designs

Color captures people’s attention. In fact, studies show people are drawn to color for a wide variety of reasons. Some colors even help brands play to the psychology of their target audience. 

That’s because colors can have different effects on people, even when they don’t realize it. For instance, many hospital outfits come in blue because people feel more at ease around that color. Likewise, many restaurants incorporate red into their designs because this color makes people hungry. 

So, you should figure out what kind of impression you want to give off during your trade show. If you want your booth to serve as a formal-looking attention-grabber, use cooler tones.

Warm tones give off engaging energy. So, if you want to better engage your target audience or partners, think about incorporating warmer colors. 

Deciding on the right colors requires you to know your target audience and their preferences. For this, you should do some market research. Figure out who you’re marketing to. Then, look into what they usually respond well to. 

4. Lighting and Sound Help Create Ambiance and Style 

Next, you should focus on the lighting and sound in your booth. Both of these elements help you create the mood and style of the place. 

Light, like color, needs to match the tone and message you want to send. Cooler-toned lights work best with cool-toned colors. Likewise, the warmer your colors, the warmer the shading of your lights should be. 

You can also use different colored lights to create a more interesting and dynamic setup. Make sure your lighting points to elements of your display you want to highlight. That way, your visitors’ eyes will get directed to the parts of your booth you want them to see.

Sound can also draw people in. Energetic, engaging music gets people excited about your brand. Keep in mind that trade show floors are often noisy and filled with chatter. As such, you’ll want to play around with the volume levels until you find something that works.

If you work in the mental health field, you can use sound to draw people away from the trade show’s busyness. Enveloping, calming sounds will set your visitors at ease and give them an oasis. Let them try out some of your products or services while they relax.

Ready For Your New Trade Show Exhibit Design?

Now that you know how to design your booth, you’re ready to implement the best trade show exhibit designs. 

Yet, most companies benefit from professional help. Our team specializes in designing trade show booths for businesses in a wide range of industries. We work with your brand to identify your goals and turn them into an engaging booth. We also store, ship, and set the booth up for you.

Want to learn more about what we can achieve together? Contact us today!

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