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5 Questions to Ask a Trade Show Marketing Agency

trade show marketing agency

Trade show success depends on the skill of the sales and marketing team behind it. Most companies make extensive plans for their trade show booths. They have sales and marketing teams assessing how to best capture their audience’s attention and draw them in. Then, they know precisely how to create a conversation around their product and sell it. If you’re attending a trade show, you need to find the best way to showcase your company from behind a booth. A trade show marketing agency will help you do that, but the one you hire matters. The wrong company could provide you with advice that hurts, rather than helps, your trade show presence.

Below, we’ll get into the top 5 questions you need to ask a trade show marketing team before you hire them. Keep reading to ensure you get the best service for your money!

1. How Will You Help Me Meet My Goals?

A good trade show marketing personalizes its services to your company’s needs. You’ll want to find a trade show marketing team that can help you reach your goals and objectives. So, you should figure out what you want to get out of your trade show before you start looking. Some common trade show goals consist of:

  • Generating sales
  • Getting more clients into the sales funnel
  • Spreading brand awareness
  • Forming new partnerships

The trade show marketing team will listen to your goals and figure out how to translate them into an effective marketing campaign.

2. What Types of Services Do You Provide?

Trade show marketing agencies often specialize in a wide range of services. In some cases, they’ll be there for you at every step of your trade show preparation journey. 

Many trade show agencies offer to design your booth. They use high-quality materials and engaging images to help you attract attendees to your business. You can rent or purchase these booths, and the design gets tailored to the needs of your company.

Some companies also provide advice for marketing your trade show before, during, and after the event. This allows you to get the word out, encourage people to stop by, and create a conversation centered around your brand. 

In addition, you’ll want someone who can help you manage your show. This includes assisting you with any necessary forms and day-of setup. The more assistance a company provides, the easier it will be for you to conduct a successful show. So, you should look for an agency that provides many high-quality services for the best price. 

3. Have You Worked with Companies Like Mine in the Past?

Next, you want to know how much experience the company has with working with companies like yours. Ask whether they’re familiar with your industry or target audience. Figure out if they’ve ever helped a company that went to this trade show in the past.

You want to hire a trade show agency that has a lot of experience working with companies like yours. That way, they’ll know how to tailor their services to the unique needs of your target audience. 

If they have worked for companies like yours, ask them what services they provided these businesses. You could also see if any of these companies would be willing to speak to you about their experience with this marketing agency.

4. Can I See Some Past Examples of Your Work?

If you think a company might work well for you, ask if they have any examples of past work for you to look through. These can include pictures of booths they designed. 

Usually, these examples contain the work they’re most proud of. Ask yourself if the quality of these examples would represent your company well. You can also see if there are any overarching themes in the way they design their booths.

If they don’t have any examples, ask for referrals to some of their past clients. 

5. Do You Provide a Personal Show Strategy?

Every company should have a personal show strategy built into their trade show marketing plan. This should center around helping you meet the goals you’ve set out. 

A good trade show marketing agency will help you develop this strategy. They’ll work with you to identify what needs to get done and then draw up a workable strategy for the show. They’ll make sure you have all the materials you need to execute it. Of course, they’ll consult you so they know how well the strategy will match your company’s vision.

Once you have your personal show strategy, go over it with the people who will supervise your booth. Make sure everyone knows how to perform the strategy and answer client questions.

The Value of Reading Reviews

Even if a trade show company answers all these questions, they might not be the right one for you. Before you decide on a marketing agency, read reviews from former clients.

You can find reviews on the agency’s website or third-party platforms, such as Google My Business or Yelp. Pay attention to what people thought about each aspect of the service, including quality and the level of responsiveness to client concerns.

Need a Trade Show Marketing Agency?

If you’re going to a trade show, you need to hire a trade show marketing agency.

That’s where we come in. Our team of professional trade show experts will work with your company to establish your goals. Then, we’ll help you identify your target customer. We’ll use our years of expertise to show you how to advertise your brand before and during the trade show.

Ready to improve your chances of a successful trade show? Contact us today!

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