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Case Study: Basis Technologies

Case Study: Basis Technologies
Basis Technologies requested a custom 30x30 rental booth with their primary focus being the ability to run demonstrations of their software.

For more than 22 years, Basis Technologies has developed innovative automation technology designed to expedite SAP software testing and changes for their business clients. This year, Basis Technologies had a strong presence at Sapphire Now, the preeminent annual three-day conference for SAP partners and users, held in Orlando Florida.

Unlike some trade shows that have a fairly broad appeal, Sapphire Now caters to a tailored (albeit large) audience of hard-to-impress SAP professionals. This natural competition makes it more important than ever for vendors to have attention-grabbing displays, and Basis Technologies’ booth at the 2019 Sapphire Now convention certainly stood out.

Key Design Elements

Basis Technologies requested a custom 30×30 rental booth with their primary focus being the ability to run demonstrations of their software. In addition to the backlit graphics, storage closet, five separate demo stations, and a dedicated area for their race car game, Basis requested a semi-private meeting area to help their representatives quickly close on potential sales.

Over the course of two and a half months from conception to completion, Rockway Exhibits brought Basis’s exhibition dream to life. From streamlined lightbox walls to an acrylic etched logo and a modular exhibit built from an extrusion, this spacious booth provided passersby the opportunity to view Basis’s products and services firsthand. With their unique exhibit design, this custom booth allowed attendees to view software products and understand more about how these products can meet their business needs. 

Client Response

With their primary focus on allowing attendees to test their products, Basis Technologies was incredibly pleased with the quality and effectiveness of this booth, particularly its eye-catching walls with lightboxes and demo stations. 

When planning your next trade show booth, enlist Rockway to apply the same creativity and ingenuity to your design. Our experienced, creative, and helpful professionals have combined decades of trade show experience, giving them the expertise to create a sophisticated yet eye-catching booth that fits your needs perfectly. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your exhibit.

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