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Case Study: Publix (Second Half)

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To recap the first half, Publix Super Markets has been sponsoring the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for some time, but this season they wanted to do something different. In late 2021, Rockway helped Publix create a brand-new, free tailgating outdoor experience where the food, fun, and games were bigger and better than ever before.


Client Needs + Design Elements

Publix wanted to take this project a step further and create a brand activation that engaged with people even more. How exactly? A concert! They needed Rockway to build out an area to host a concert and provide live music for tailgate attendees.


The Rockway Exhibit Approach

In the second half, Rockway stepped it up big time. Together, Rockway and Publix threw a concert, added private Skyview Suites (that hosted the Frito-Lay contest winners), and incorporated the Publix Food Truck that was serving smokehouse BBQ.



Rockway converted the Publix tailgate space to a fully branded outdoor experiential marketing event, creating an “I need to be there” feeling. These brand tailgate events were the perfect opportunity for Publix to create something memorable for new and existing customers.

When done right, brand activations are not only successful at increasing brand awareness and sales, but it also has long-term benefits – like improving brand image, building brand loyalty, and creating long-lasting and positive brand associations.

This season’s tailgates have been a success with a winning season, both for Publix and the Bucs!



Outdoor experiential events are kicking off, even after the regular season comes to an end. Be the quarterback of your brand and schedule a free consultation with one of our experts to create your own engaging experiential brand experience for your customers.

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