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Case Study: Publix (Second Half)

publix concert 1

To recap the first half, Publix Super Markets has been sponsoring the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for some time, but this season they wanted to do something different. In late 2021, Rockway helped Publix create a brand-new, free tailgating outdoor experience where the food, fun, and games were bigger and better than ever before.   Client […]

Case Study: Secure Transfusion Solutions

digital mockup of a custom trade show booth designed forSecure Transfusion Solutions

Secure Transfusion Solutions wanted a design to replicate the look and feel of their blood donation centers, Trusting Heart Blood Center. To mimic the look of the donations centers at Trusting Heart Blood Center, we decided to add warm tones of the vinyl floor and laminates, moss wall, circular rug, light fixtures, and other accents. The booth was a 20×20 to allow just enough space to network within.

Case Study: Publix Special Olympics

Publix brand activation 20x30 tent

Publix came to Rockway Exhibits for an event activation inside the fan zone area at Special Olympics in Orlando, FL. Publix was there to support an incredible week long event and to provide a “cool lounge” in the Fan Zone Area.

Case Study: NAM

NAM Case Study

NAM needed a partner to help them create this atmosphere and who would help them from start to finish on the expo hall, lounge area, and overall coordination with the venue.

Case Study: GHX

GHX Booth designed to showcase product demos and services

GHX was in need of designing different areas for their corporate summit. They wished for several areas where they could demonstrate their product and services, showcase replicated real-life scenarios for their products, and much more.

Case Study: Vix Technology

30x50 booth

Vix Technology’s 30×50 booth was designed to have clean, modern vibes with splashes of color. They wanted to make a “splash” with a large but modest structure. Vix’s logo is made up of “V’s” with splashes of color so we thought this would be a cool concept to use. We created a straightforward flow to the booth. We had demo stations for product demonstrations, and the center tower had the physical product (mode; devices) mounted on the wall. Last but not least, we included a semi-private meeting room for dedicated meetings.

Case Study: Kheiron Medical

20x30 custom exhibit designed for Kheiron Medical

Kheiron Medical creates Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions that really make a difference. It was important to them to find a partner who is transparent during the whole process from signing the contract to the show floor – open and honest communication from start to finish. Check out more about this 20×30 exhibit that was created for them.

Case Study: Publix (Second Half)

publix concert 1

In the second half, Rockway stepped it up big time. Together, Rockway and Publix threw a concert, added private Skyview Suites (that hosted the Frito-Lay contest winners), and incorporated the Publix Food Truck that was serving smokehouse BBQ. Check out more about the massive brand activation that we helped orchestrate for them.

Case Study: Clever Devices

Clever Devices designs innovative technology solutions for all modes of public transportation, including fixed-route, bus rapid transit, paratransit, and rail. They hired Rockway to help create a very open, inviting space that would communicate their mission and value clearly to event attendees. Check out more about the massive 50×50 exhibit that was created for them.

Case Study: Alliance Machine

Case Study Alliance Machine

Alliance Machine Systems International LLC is the global source of innovative products and services to enhance the efficiency and performance of the paperboard packaging industry. Alliance Machine wanted an exhibit that highlighted their distinctive brand and that could be seen from afar. Their space also needed multiple meeting areas with a focus on conversations and showcasing their machines.

Case Study: Publix (First Half)


Publix Super Markets is the largest employee-owned grocery chain in the United States with over 200,000 employees. They have been sponsoring the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for some time. But this year, they wanted to do something different and create a show-stopping brand activation experience for everyone at the games, so they connected with Rockway for help.

Case Study: Treace Medical

case study treace medical

Treace Medical Concepts provides the #1 bunion product in the US. They are a commercial-stage orthopedic medical device company that has pioneered and patented the Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction™ system. They came to Rockway Exhibits looking for a 30×40 exhibit with unique elements to stand out.