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Do These 5 Things to Make Your 10×20 Booth Stand Out and Generate Leads

Did you know trade shows can be more cost-effective for generating new business than other forms of face-to-face meetings?

One ten-year study found it can cost up to 45% less to make your sales pitch at a trade show instead of at a prospect’s office. Despite the success of trade shows in general, many businesses do not have successful experiences because their trade show booth doesn’t make an impact.

The right trade show booth design can make the difference between someone walking past and walking in. Read on to learn five ways to make your booth a destination for customers and how to use trade shows to grow your business.

1. Think Beyond the Banners

If you think you can just rent some chairs and a table and set up some trade show banners, think again. Today’s B2B and B2C consumers are savvier than ever. You need to create a presence that is unexpected and out of the ordinary.

Trade show displays are about creating an experience that enhances your brand identity. A 10×20 space can be outfitted with manufactured graphic panels or walls that showcase your products or services. Consider video displays to grab attention or interactive elements.

You only have a few seconds to convince someone to stop at your booth. Make them stop and take notice. 

2. Get the Word Out

Long before the expo hall doors open, you should reach out to customers and prospective customers. Use email marketing to invite people to visit your booth. Work with the show sponsor to advertise in their program guide or on their website.

Social media ads and posts are a great way to give potential attendees a sneak preview of your booth and your products and services. Consider a raffle or giveaway item and encourage people to visit your booth to register. Use the trade show hashtag in your posts to make it easy for people to find your information.

The work you do before the trade show can make a big difference in your booth traffic. Don’t expect people to find you. Give them a roadmap before the show starts.

3. Light It Up

The lights in a convention center or expo hall are never flattering for you or your products. Bring your own lights and truss or rent a lighting setup from the show services that manage the show. Use floodlights to fill your booth with warm, inviting light and spotlights to focus attention on an image or physical product. 

Consider LED lighting strips to brighten display cases or counters. Use uplighting fixtures if overhead lighting isn’t available or is out of your budget range. Adding lights to the top of fabric panels or behind acrylic panels gives your booth imagery a sophisticated look.

You can never have too much light in your booth. Lights draw a crowd and let people know you mean business. 

4. Rent Your Trade Show Booth

One of the biggest expenses of a custom trade show display is materials and construction. You need lightweight materials that are easy to assemble and disassemble but strong enough to withstand the rigors of a trade show floor. Even in a 10×20 booth space, the investment can be significant. 

If you only attend a few shows each year, it might make sense to rent your trade show display. Rockway Exhibits has a wide range of beautiful display systems that can be customized for your company. We can change the graphics, logo, imagery, and more to give you a professional booth installation that looks world-class.

5. Generate Interest and Leads at the Same Time

You’ve created a booth design that gets people’s attention. You’ve done your pre-show marketing to invite people to your exhibit. Now that people are interested, it’s time to convert visitors into customers. 

While some companies use trade shows to build brand awareness or enhance their leadership position within a particular market segment, the end goal should always be lead generation. Most trade shows provide some type of lead scanning system like a badge scanner. The cost to rent these devices is well worth the expense. 

In a 10×20 booth, you should have at least two lead scanners to make sure you are able to capture visitor’s contact information and purchasing intent. You can also use electronic kiosks or tablet computers to capture this information. Set up a computer in your booth with a landing page on your website with a form.

Consider adding an incentive for people to share their information. Give away a chance to win a premium gift like a smartwatch or flat-screen television. Whatever lead capture tool you choose, make sure it provides an easy way to extract the data and import it into your CRM tool when the show is over. 

Bonus Tip – Virtual and Socially Distant Shows

Right now, virtual trade shows and events are taking the place of many physical exhibitions. While you may not install a massive display system at a virtual event, the same rules still apply.

Make your virtual booth stand out with bold graphics and images. Opt for premium sponsorships that allow you to prominently place your company’s logo on digital materials and websites. Create ways to capture lead information during the event.

In the case of in-person trade shows that require physical distancing for health reasons, add signs or floor clings that specify where people should stand. Consider adding hand sanitizer stations in your booth and encourage booth staff to wear masks or stay six feet from booth visitors. Some trade shows are using a hybrid approach of smaller in-person registration combined with a virtual exhibit hall. 

Even though these situations can present unique circumstances, Rockway Exhibits can help you design the perfect solution for your event. 

Make a Great First Impression

Trade shows are as important as ever to promote your brand and sell your products and services. No matter the industry or market, it’s essential to make a big, bold statement with your trade show booth.

Before the event:

  1. Promote your booth and your products with email and social media.
  2. Capture everyone’s attention at the show with a trade show experience that stands out.
  3. Use lights to showcase products and draw people into your booth.

Above all, make sure you have a proven method to capture leads and follow up with them when the show is complete. 

If you are interested in creating a trade show experience that enhances your image and converts leads into customers, contact us. Our team of designers and trade show experts will provide the expertise and guidance you need for a successful show.

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