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The Future of Trade Shows in Atlanta

Is your brand missing the experience of in-person trade shows in Atlanta? Wish you could still provide your target consumer with that warm, friendly handshake? Covid-19 has taken the wind out of many sails (and sales!) this year, and yours is likely no exception.

Are you adapting to the ever-changing social and professional norms? How do you ensure your trade show experience goes on? With some creative marketing, increased leads, and some exhibit creativity, you’ll be back at it!

Serve up Everyone’s Cup of Tea

One of the most important things to consider when participating in your favorite traditional trade shows in Georgia is your front man or woman! You want someone walking that tradeshow floor who is everyone’s cup of tea! This person should be a friendly, confident extrovert rather than a flavor people will have to get used to!

A person who has a natural knack for starting conversations organically and making others feel validated would be a perfect fit to represent your brand. Your front person should create a memorable experience, which will lead them to an interest in you. People always remember how someone made them feel!

It’s very important to be patient and picky when finding your trade show brand representative. Consider the importance of return on investment (ROI). The right person will yield more leads through an experience they’ll remember! 

Your hire for everyone’s best friend doesn’t have to be exclusive to traditional trade shows. Consider incorporating a video or text chat option in your next virtual trade show experience. Ask your front line brand representative what kinds of experiences they can provide in the virtual realm as well. 

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we must be prepared for change! Make sure the person delivering your brand experience is willing and able to thrive in both a virtual and in-person trade show setting. Your potential leads can still have a positive, memorable experience through a virtual trade show!

Traditional Show, Traditional Expenses

Traditional in-person trade shows involve a lot of upfront costs. You’ve got to pay for flights, food, venue fees, and hotel stays. After all of this, you’re only getting exposure to those who are physically present for that Atlanta trade center event.

Add the aforementioned to the cost of paying your amazingly talented floor show representative, you’re anywhere from $25,000 to a $100,000 investment. And, once again, you’re only making connections with those who are present at the trade show.

The traditional trade show model is well worth the investment for your brand! With your charismatic frontman/woman and amazing exhibit, it’s easy to see why making a trade show investment pays off.

The Future of Trade Shows in Atlanta

Limitations due to Covid-19 have made way for amazing innovation in the virtual trade show market. There are several creative ways virtual trade shows are being offered. New virtual events may feature a well-known entertainer or band.

This main event may have nothing to do with your actual product or service. The vendors’ goal of the all-virtual trade show is to make connections and raise awareness about the products or services you provide.

Rockway will still provide you with that excellent, personalized experience through a link called a virtual showcase. Your business can display products and services, talk to potential prospects, all in a customized virtual environment! 

You can continue to use your virtual trade show link as a sales tool! This provides you with a multi-use option that isn’t possible with an in-person trade show schedule. 

Virtual Advantages

Let’s think, once again, about ROI. What would happen if you invest a portion of your in-person trade show budget in a virtual trade show experience, such as Rockway Reach? Instead of waiting for those contacts to come to you on-site, you can offer them the Atlanta trade show experience in the comfort of their own home, office, or well ventilated outdoor venue!

You can offer a webinar and hype it up on social media. The great advantage here being your webinar can be viewed live and recorded for later viewing! That means you can reach people in real-time and after the fact, maximizing your exposure and minimizing your time investment.

An email marketing campaign is a great way to highlight your brand with a personalized and unique style! Through Rockway Reach, you can reach out to audiences of canceled shows and let them know you’re still on! You’ve now cast a much wider (and less expensive) net than your traditional trade show in Georgia. 

Through an exclusive-to-you virtual showcase  experience, you can offer more diverse and personalized services to your audience. By using edgy graphics, green screen video, and a 3D viewer, you won’t lose the wow factor of that great, traditional, custom exhibit.

Tradition Isn’t Gone

The good ol’ days aren’t obsolete by any means. Keeping traditional trade shows is important to vendors and venues alike. Consumers miss normalcy and interaction and are eager to get back to events like trade shows. 

The good news is, Atlanta’s convention centers have found ways to continue offering traditional trade shows. The Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC), for example, is the first U.S. convention center to receive the Global Biorisk Authority Council‘s Gold Star certification. With 1.5 million square feet of exhibit space, staying safe doesn’t have to mean sacrificing the quality of your exhibit.

The Atlanta Convention Center is also implementing stringent safety procedures by requiring PPE. The Convention Center boasts six different exhibit halls. Vendors can easily scope out their spaces in advance by utilizing their website’s virtual tour function

GWCC offers assistance to all exhibitors safely with Peach Assist, which provides on-site exhibitor assistance. Simply text PEACH to the provided number and you’ll receive assistance with anything from electrical to plumbing to food and beverage. 

It’s Time to Get Creative

Traditional and virtual trade shows in Atlanta are still happening! By taking advantage of growing technology use and new health and safety standards, you don’t have to miss out on trade show experiences or revenue. From antique markets and gun shows to virtual biotherapeutics conferences, you’ll find your new normal in no time. 

As you navigate exciting new ways to create your exhibit, let us help you. Visit us online and let’s work together to provide the best trade show experience for your target audiences!

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