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Top 5 Tips for Building Your Booths More Sustainably

example of a sustainable booth designed and mocked up for Natural Remedies

Here at Rockway, we focus on being innovative with our exhibits. To us, that means finding the balance between elegance, efficiency, profitability, and of course, sustainability. We implement a variety of methods to achieve more sustainable booths since the exhibit world can be fraught with waste and excess. To help illustrate the importance, let’s first understand what sustainable offerings mean and then how to achieve them. 

Sustainable offerings focus on trying to create an environment that can renew itself, without our involvement, and despite our impact. 

Sourcing better materials, adapting to newer, greener technologies, as well as recycling are the top methods for today’s trade show booths to become more sustainable.

Here are 5 concrete examples that we implement at Rockway, to help you get started on your journey to increased sustainability.

Utilize a Rental Program for your Trade Show Booths

We advocate against buying a exhibit outright for a lot of reasons like return on your investment, storage, etc. but here’s yet another log to add to the fire: sustainable booths. 

Renting the structure but altering the layout slightly based on your needs and the shows you attend allows us to reuse the same materials and produce less waste. We can do this multiple times a year for a single brand as well as reuse the same materials for additional brands which adds yet another layer of sustainability. When we talk about sustainable choices, it doesn’t have to be all in, all at once. Every little step counts and gets us closer to the goal.

Aluminum Frame System Hardware to be a more sustainable structure

Reusable materials such as aluminum for the initial structure are another key to sustainability. 

We proudly claim that 75% of our frames are produced from recycled aluminum.

Aluminum has a long life cycle and is a fully renewable resource. Recycling aluminum only requires about 5% of the energy that it takes to produce primary aluminum, making it a far more sustainable product over time. Our designs focus on modular systems that can be endlessly regrouped and repositioned to create a fresh experience every time.

Reduce Your Footprint with Storage & Transportation

Due to our modular system designs, we’re able to maintain sustainability in more ways than just the product: storage & transportation. 

Creating smart, modular designs enables us to use smaller storage spaces as the modular designs fit together more seamlessly. Smaller spaces mean fewer trucks on the road to wheel our goods from point A to B. This means a reduction in fuel usage and emissions into the atmosphere. Not only that, but the crates we use for storage are also 100% recycled wood, built specifically for your sustainable booth and shows. Wood is not only sturdy but easily reusable from show to show.

How We’re Sustainable, when we have to be custom

Of course, there are always those things that have to be custom-built for your brands such as counters, soffits, pedestals, or canopies. The custom route doesn’t lend itself to being as sustainable or reusable, so we do the best we can.

In these instances, we ensure the structures are built with wood, just like our storage crates, to maintain sustainability. Wood is a solid resource that allows us to reuse the product each year your booth is reused or can be adjusted to accommodate additional designs for your brand. It’s very flexible and can be catered to your needs. 

Before you go in requesting a custom design, it’s also important we ask our clients if they could tell us which booths are rented and which are custom when they attend shows. Almost every time, no one can tell the difference. So part of being sustainable here, means, you can also have an impact as you request booths. Make choices that will benefit your brand, and the environment together.

Long term, reusable Graphics & Marketing

Perhaps the largest waste producer in the industry is graphics and marketing. Paper handouts were almost certainly the biggest offender, but also banners and other materials for your brand logos and promotional displays. 

Fortunately, most marketing materials have been converted to digital assets such as screens or QR codes which can be reused continuously. Additionally, at Rockway we utilize tension fabric graphics and PVC graphics to reduce one-time waste, and allow for reusability at future events. They also pack down to small sizes and store easily to further reduce our transport footprint.

How Can You Be More Sustainable with Your Trade Show Events?

Change isn’t always the easiest thing to implement upfront. You might feel overwhelmed with where to start. 

Remember: just being aware and trying your best is an admirable first step. 

Do what you can with the knowledge and resources you have. You may not be able to do everything all at once, perhaps that doesn’t fit within your budget or plan, but doing one thing more sustainably still makes a positive impact. Any of our top 5 tips help your sustainable booth design to be a little more earth-friendly and just as attractive to attendees.

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