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Why Your Business Can’t Wait For In Person Events To Return

When meeting your customers face-to-face is almost impossible, a virtual showroom can help you continue to engage them, and even surpass the in-person experience. You can build new relationships and enhance old ones with new and exciting technology. The virtual space holds the key to expanding your business to new prospects all over the globe.

Read on to learn about some of the best ways that you can use a virtual showroom to meet your customers’ needs, 24 hours a day.

Create exceptional product demos and interactive educational materials

Thanks to the current technology, you can present product demos to your customers that are as close to live, in-person demonstrations as possible. No longer do visitors to your website have to settle for vague descriptions, low-res photos, and static video presentations. Virtual showrooms enable you to expand on product detail and convey value in an engaging and customizable format. When it comes to product education, it’s easy to introduce interactive elements such as chat widgets, gamification, message forums, and video help features.

Immerse customers in visually engaging branded environments

Through a virtual showroom, you can send your prospects and customers into a digital representation of your store where you control every aspect of the branding prospect—something that isn’t even possible in a physical space. Everything in the virtual showroom is modeled according to your specifications and your needs, so you can guide your specific customers through your pipeline in a way that is unique to their buying experience. These virtual environments are visually rich and detailed, enabling you to command your customers’ attention and hold it as if they were directly in front of you.

Include integrated eCommerce functions to boost ROI

When your buyers are primed to make a purchasing decision, the last thing you want to do is encourage them to leave your virtual environment. With features that allow your users to save products to a wish list and even purchase products directly through an integrated eCommerce platform, you can ensure that your virtual showrooms are delivering results that stretch beyond lead generation, brand awareness, and customer education. Use these innovative features to turn your virtual showroom into a conversion machine.

Capture and leverage high-quality data

Your company is always looking for ways to harness and utilize more detailed data concerning your customers and their buying preferences and needs. By employing a virtual environment, you can capture multiple levels of detailed data from your prospects and customers that will empower you to tailor the buying process as you go along. You can quickly break down the demos and supplemental materials they viewed, which products they liked, and even how long a visitor spent in various parts of the showroom. Once you have the data, you can easily run detailed reports that will allow you to create actionable goals for getting the most out of your effort.


At Rockway Exhibits, we are pioneering innovative virtual experiences for our customers to help them achieve greatness on the digital frontier. Get in touch with one of our team members now to discover more about how your unique virtual experience can help you form deeper connections with your buyers.

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