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6 Things the Best Trade Show Booth Designers Do

trade show booth designers

Every year, about 13 million trade shows take place around the United States. Businesses come from near and far to set up a trade show booth that shows off who they are as a company.  Having good trade show ideas that bring customers into your booth at these events is a must. That’s because nearly 50% of trade show attendees go to the event with the intent to buy.  So, in order to come up with a trade show booth design that captures customers’ attention, you need to have some good ideas up your sleeve. Here are some ideas that the top trade show booth designers implement.

1. Make it Interactive

It’s not uncommon to see passive activities, such as video loops, on display at trade shows. These methods are meant to catch a customer’s eye and lead them to the event.

However, these methods won’t do the same trick as an activity that gets people involved in your exhibit. For example, Rockway’s Publix exhibit featured chefs wearing branded aprons whipping up delicious meals to serve up to visitors. 

Not only did the incredible smells wafting through the air attract people to the scene, but the excitement of watching a chef at work also captured audience members’ attention. It was an interactive exhibit that instantly got customers interested. With interactive displays, you get people to increase the amount of time they spend at your booth. That increases the amount of time your representatives have to interact with them and entice them to make a purchase.

2. Stick to the Key Message

Have you ever gone to a business and noticed that there’s just too much propaganda? Everywhere you look there’s a different slogan, signpost, or jingle playing, making it tough to figure out what the business is all about. When it comes to trade shows, you need to make sure you stick to the key message of your business. That means picking a single message that you want to get across and making it easily visible to your customers. 

Rockway’s Clever Devices exhibit is the perfect example; every aspect of the design was styled after the company’s logo and had clearly written signage advertising the company. The message was pared down to a few key headlines that were printed in large, impactful font and displayed at a comfortable height for reading.

3. Don’t Ignore Empty Space

Raise your hand if you have a grandma, a great aunt, or another cooky relative whose spaces seem to be filled with clutter. From the moment you walk in the door you’re met with narrow alleyways to navigate through the house between the many different knick-knacks around the home.

Just like how grandma’s house can be a bit overwhelming with all those trinkets lying around, your trade booth can be overwhelming if you pack it full of clunky furniture or hefty inventory. You want to leave enough extra space for visitors to stand and speak with representatives. 

The same rule of thumb applies to your booth graphics. You want to make sure that your graphics, although large, contain negative space. This helps make your message clear without making it overpowering.  

4. Choose the Right Images

When you set up your trade show booth, you’ll want to use some pictures to get your customers’ attention. However, that doesn’t mean you can use any old iPhone photo you’ve got sitting around. 

When you blow up those iPhone photos, they become pixelated and low-quality. That can not only make it hard for customers to read your signage or see your product but can also make it an aesthetic turn-off. What that means for tradeshow booth designers is that they need to use high-quality images on all your signage. Teams like Rockway can help you create quality graphics that get the job done.

5. Keep Your Booth On-Brand

When it comes to trade shows, every aspect of your booth is an exhibit. No, that doesn’t just mean your signs and banners. That means every piece of furniture speaks to your company as well. Take Rockway’s Treace Medical exhibit, for example. This exhibit not only contained clear logos and slogans, but it also utilized every piece of furniture to its advantage. 

All the benches and countertops used in the design were in line with the company’s branding. They used the same sleek colors and smooth design to really embody who the brand is.

6. Plan Out Your Booth Space

Just like you wouldn’t hire an architect to build a house without a blueprint, you shouldn’t hire a trade show booth designer to build without a booth plan. You’ll see this when you work with Rockway. If there’s one thing Rockway does well it’s the planning phase of your trade show booth design. As soon as you start working with us we sit down with you to come up with a concept. We know that in your booth, some spaces are more visually important. For instance, the back wall tends to be the focal point for smaller booths while larger booths can have several different focal points. 

Our team plans out your booth design so that we maximize your trade booth’s real estate. We put the most crucial pieces of information in the focal points and save the nice-to-have details for less eye-catching parts of your exhibit.

Partner With Trade Show Booth Designers Today

With this guide to a few ideas that the best trade show booth designers use, you’re ready to get to work on your own booth design options. You can implement these ideas to come up with something that’s truly captivating. Are you ready to start building a groundbreaking trade show booth with a team of expert tradeshow booth designers? Get in touch with us and we’ll get to work helping you design your display.


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