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Case Study: Post-It

Post-It Custom Trade Show Booth
3M's Post-It Extreme needed a dynamic trade show display that would highlight the product's extreme durability in a range of different circumstances.

*This case study was produced under our former brand, Nimlok Orlando.

3M’s Post-It notes have become a standard office supply in a wide range of environments. To present their brand new product line, Post-It Extreme, at the International Builders’ Show they needed a dynamic trade show display that would best highlight the product’s extreme durability in a range of different circumstances.

Project Challenges

With the show just a short time away, 3M needed a trade show display that kept with the construction theme to show the versatility of their new Post-It Extreme products. They originally presented a two-story design concept that would feature four different construction environments, but needed help bringing that concept to life in a short period of time with a limited budget.

Our Approach

To accommodate the client’s needs, we worked with their team to create a dynamic 20×50 rental exhibit. The time and budget constraints prevented the option of creating a true two-story exhibit display, but we were able to retain the height of the original design concept while creating four rooms on the ground floor — each with different material elements — that attendees could interact with and test the products. The uniqueness of the physical design of the display made it easy for the brand to stand out at the show and keep a steady flow of traffic coming to learn more about the product.

The entire booth was constructed from wood and used genuine building materials including steel, tiles, bricks, and drywall to reflect four different real-world construction environments. The brick and tile elements were installed on the show floor before the exhibit began to reflect the rawness of the environment and the many application capabilities of the product. We added real scaffolding around the booth to highlight those environments, outdoor-grade vinyl banners for graphics and a vinyl concrete floor to bring the theme to life. To further prove the durability of the products, misting bottles, steamers, fans, a freezer, and wind were used to convey how the products would hold up against various weather elements.

Case Study: Post-It

To catch the attention of attendees walking the show from all angles, we incorporated TV monitors on the front and back of the booth which looped promotional messaging about the new product.

The Result

3M Post-It was thrilled with the final design, feeling that the construction theme was truly brought to life in the exhibit. The exhibit was always packed with attendees eager to interact with the new product, and 3M plans to use a smaller version of the same structure for future shows.

“Thank you again for all the work that went into making our presence at IBS last week such a success, everyone was raving about the structure, both our clients and the show attendees.”

Need a stand out display for your next industry event? From concept to show floor, we work with our clients every step of the way to create an exhibit that perfectly represents their brand and show goals. Get in touch to get started in your next project today!

Post-It Custom Trade Show Booth

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