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Case Study: Worksoft

Worksoft turned to Rockway to create an attractive, informative booth that would help them gain attention.

Large organizations use software to manage a wide array of business processes, such as marketing and capital management. The proactive management of business-critical applications is crucial for the execution and adaptability of these business processes in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. Defining, mapping, and analyzing existing processes is essential for providing a level of consistency in output and even in return on investment. Worksoft provides automation software that helps businesses discover and test core processes to ensure each task works effectively, even as the organization changes and grows.

Client Needs

Worksoft recently attended the 3-day Sapphire Now 2019 trade show in Orlando, FL. Held May 7–9, 2019, this innovative cloud and business technology conference helped connect business leaders and IT professionals. The annual conference is a showcase for end-to-end solutions that provide business owners with the IT solutions they need to get more from their technology investment.

Worksoft attended the Sapphire Now 2019 trade show to showcase their sofware. Because they wanted to stand out from the crowd, Worksoft turned to Rockway to create an attractive, informative booth that would help them gain attention. 

The Rockway Solution

Worksoft had specific needs, one specifically being an overhead structure with visually appealing backlit graphics that would attract attendees to the booth. The 30’x40’ booth would need four areas in which to demo their software, and each area needed to accommodate five people. 

The booth would also need a presentation area with a stage, a large TV, chairs for a panel discussion and ottoman seating for attendees. To reduce ambient noise from the event, they needed some sort of walls to act as sound barriers. These walls also allowed their exhibit to have an open and flowing concept, which helped increase attendees to the booth. Finally, the company needed a larger TV near the front desk to display a live-action game to attract attendees.

Rockway provided personalized solutions for Worksoft with design elements to attract attendees and demo their products. Rockway installed lightbox headers, custom demo stations with LED-lit etched logos, and created a stage for presentations. Worksoft presenters enjoyed a large number of attendees to their demonstrations, and they received a number of compliments on their booth. 

Rockway Exhibits + Events creates powerful, high-quality displays that make the most of any industry event. We begin every client partnership with a consultation to get a full understanding of their needs and goals. Next, we create a booth concept that helps our clients accomplish the outcome they desire. Rockway Exhibits + Events is a full-service provider, so we handle the shipping, storage as needed, installation, and dismantle of booths so our clients can focus on making their event a success. Contact Rockway Exhibits + Events to achieve more with your exhibit.

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