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What You Need to Know About Trade Show Success

Here are 3 helpful planning pointers that can help you achieve more with your exhibit.

It’s nothing new to say that trade show success takes planning and preparation. Many exhibitors can struggle to determine what trade show success could looks like if their planning lacks clear goals or measurable results. Consider these practical pointers to help determine what success could look like for you when heading into your next planning session.

Set Measurable Goals

While planning, one of the first things you should consider is what your ideal client at the show is searching for. Take time to understand their needs, goals and desires. Then ask yourself, “how does my company meet, improve or benefit XYZ for our ideal client…”

Doing so, can help you create a clearer target for success. Simply waiting and hoping the right professionals wander by your booth is like aiming for a bullseye in the dark. Know what your ideal client is looking for and determine how you can help them find it through your products or services.

Once you’ve determined the target, break it down into metrics. Will you feel you have hit the mark of success with 300 visitors to your booth? Or 200 quality leads? Or 30 requests for proposals? Whether your metrics are centered on quality or quantity, determining measurable goals gives your booth staff a tangible goal to aim for and can prepare your team for your post-show strategy.

Consider Your Marketing Campaign

With your ideal client and goals in mind, create messaging that serves as a preview of what you plan to bring to show and incororate this into current marekting campaigns. Posting social content on what you’re showcasing or emailing teasers of the giveaways you’ll be sharing are just a few ways you can create the engagement you need for achieving your goals at the show.

Bonus tip: Consider keeping your exhibit designs consistent with the visuals, verbiage and focus of your marketing prior to the show. This provides visual and verbal repetition that often leads to familiarity and trust, which we all know is essential for converting leads!

Follow Through And Follow-Up

Allow your pre-show marketing plan to seamlessly follow through to the show floor by creating spaces for you to deliver. Did you hint at debuting a new product? Create a demo area with plenty of viewing space. Did you mention a giveaway? Display the giveaway in a way that is familiar to those who followed your messaging.

Finally, plan the follow up – both with measuring results and converting leads.

Measure the results from the show to see how they aligned with your initial goals. If they weren’t what you were expecting, take the time to evaluate what was successful and what can be improved. This is a great exercise even when surpassing your goals!

Be sure to prioritize following up with leads. Attendees talk to several exhibitors at any given show. Continuing the experience and conversations from the show soon after the show can be invaluable. Add client contact info to your central database so you can continue follow up through your marketing strategy, emails, phone calls, coupons, or a mix of touchpoints.

Our team at Rockway Exhibits can work with you to craft an exceptional experience for your next trade show. From your initial booth concept to show completion, our team is focused on helping you achieve more.

Contact us today to start preparing for success at your next show.

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