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Exhibit Display Design: Expectations vs. Reality

exhibit display designed for RocketRez with graphics, TV displays, and sitting areas
Are you wondering what you should truly expect of your display design? Click here for the expectations versus the reality of your exhibit display design.

Did you know that trade shows are the second biggest source of business to business (B2B) revenue in America? It’s one of the best ways to get your name out there Whether you’re a seasoned trade show attendee or are new to the game, we can all benefit from learning and positive growth. Yet sometimes what we think we know is not actually what we know. As the shape and form of exhibit display design have changed over the years, it has gotten harder and more challenging to understand how to captivate and engage with your audience, especially when new tools and technology seem to come out every day.

Keep reading to find out why maybe some things you thought you knew about trade show design may not be what you thought they were and what you can do to get more people engaged with your products.

Common Misconceptions About Exhibit Display Design

We think one of the biggest misconceptions about display design is that anyone can do it. That’s simply not true. It makes an enormous difference to have a talented designer on board.  A smart designer will ensure that the details of your trade show presentation express quality. It’s easy to think that attendees won’t notice lighting, fabrication, or graphic replication, but they do. 

The right designer or design company should also offer services where they put the physical pieces together for you, as well as work with you on the process of crafting ideas, marketing stories, and illustrated concepts. These are all points you need to consider, and the expectation is that they’re hard to come by. A designer helps develop and refine these points. What are they exactly? Perhaps not what you’d expect.

The Emotional Factor 

The first step in creating a successful display is connecting with your audience on an emotional level. We can accomplish this in several ways, and while some people may say it’s the hardest part, it’s actually quite easy. 

Above all, setting an emotional precedent is all about creating an unforgettable experience for your viewer or visitor, whether this is through the use of case studies, video narration, or engaging and friendly booth staff.

The Intellectual Parts

People go to trade shows for several reasons, but the main purpose is to learn something, whether that’s about new businesses or what’s hot and trending in the market.  You want your stall to teach people, but you don’t want to overwhelm them. Make the information you’re delivering simple and intelligible but not overcomplicated. That is unfortunately where some exhibitions fall down. They aim to give too much information all at once, making the visit too overwhelming for their visitors. 

You definitely don’t want to talk down to your audience, but neither do you want them to become overwhelmed and tune out, so it’s important to choose how you relay your information carefully.

The Physical Pieces of an Exhibit Display

Specifically, there seems to be an understatement of the importance of physical space. It’s ironic because it’s something that your audience should not notice, yet people often neglect it because they don’t think it’s important. A well-crafted and executed exhibit display design must do multiple things. It must give ample space for circulation or perusal, it must hold the visitor’s attention, all while creating a smooth transition from showcase to purchase (if that’s the goal). 

You want guests to navigate from one thing to the next without having to question where they’re supposed to go, so even the signage is vital. And these need to happen with very little outward notice of the design and space.

Must-Have Trade Show Exhibit Options 

When you’re on the road, your tradeshow exhibit serves as your company’s home and identity. It’s how potential customers will interact with your business and how they will remember you after they leave. You want to be certain that your tradeshow design is doing everything it can for you. Here are some pointers for making displays that are memorable.

Make Yourself Easy to Find 

You’ve heard realtors say things like “location, location, location,” right? Well, the same applies here. Look at your floor plan and think about the flow of traffic. Which locations provide the best visibility for your booth? It’s worth it to pay a little more to ensure that your booth is seen. Also, look at your signage. We see a lot of booths with graphics that are too low or don’t feature a company’s name and/or brand prominently enough.

When attendees scan the crowded show floor, you want them to notice you right away. Raise those banners high if it complements your branding and overall booth design.

Work With Engagement

We’ve unfortunately seen far too many booths, both large and small, where there is only a little signage and a bored-looking salesperson manning the desk. With the options available these days for engagement, there’s simply no reason to continue with the status quo. Consider hiring an engaging professional or give a lively and interactive demo that can be done throughout the day. Have video playing where possible, though not in a way that’s too distracting. While a trained presenter engages and informs the audience, video backup will add visual interest.

Visual interest is ultimately what gets people interested, but it’s the engagement behind the desk that has them sticking around.

Make Them Come for You

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if people came to the trade exhibition looking for you? If the trade show allows it, get the participant list and send a pre-mailer inviting them to a personalized URL. This could be your website or a specially-designed landing page.You can tease show specials there, as well as offer VIP rewards for stopping by the booth and allowing customers to opt-in for future notifications.

Investing in Good Exhibit Display Design

Building a good exhibit display design has to be about more than the show ending when the doors close. In the modern world, the expectation is that people will find you, flock to you, and buy from you. The reality is, you must work harder to be noticed and smarter to get ahead. 

Sounds tough, right? It doesn’t have to be. Working with a professional and getting one step ahead of the game is within reach. Contact us today and let’s see what we can build together.

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