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How to Create a Unique Booth Design: Trade Show Master Tips

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Are you planning for some new upcoming trade shows, but wondering how you can get more leads? The answer may be simpler than you think: booth design. Trade show attendees are always looking for unique experiences, and there are innovative strategies that your team can utilize to bring new experiences to them with a unique booth design.

The first trade show held in the US was in 1902 at the YMCA hall in Baltimore, MD. It cost each vendor $5.00 to have a booth which was a high expense at that time. 

Compared to modern-day booth design, trade show booths in 1902 didn’t have much flare. Trade show exhibits of today are undoubtedly competitive in nature to catch the eye of buyers. 

The dilemma of today’s booth design for a trade show is coming up with a unique booth design. Trade show success depends on it. You want to stand out from the crowd and draw people in even if they had zero intentions to buy what you offer. 

So how do you stand out from the crowd with your trade show exhibit? Keep reading for booth design tips and tricks to get you started! 


Client Connection

Clients shop according to the values associated with the product, not just the product itself. According to customer surveys, 81% of people choose to purchase according to their moral standards. 

Knowing your audience helps to create a booth that attracts customers who resonate with your unique booth designs. Once you have pinpointed your niche and target customer, find out what fulfills their needs and wants. 

Once you’ve researched what draws your client, build your booth design. Trade show booth design should be based on some of the highest values of your possible clients.

For example, connection and relationships are more valuable to some people than the product itself. People like to feel catered to when considering spending their money. 


Location Matters

It’s easy to get lost in the mix in a trade show. Some locations have more advantages than others. For example, if you are close to the entrance, you’re the first booth seen as people enter and the last as they leave. 

Every booth near the food locations and restrooms has high traffic as well. So if there’s an extra fee for these locations, it’s worth considering an advantage in your sales. 

You can still stand out from the crowd even if you don’t have a prime location. Just get creative with the design in the space you’re in and the area surrounding your booth. 

Remember the types of tables you use, how you set them up with objects on them, and the staff within your booth can also significantly impact. 


Generate an Experience

The last thing you want is for someone to turn and run in the opposite direction wh your booth is insight. So your booth needs interactive displays that cause people to have a hard time moving on without trying it.

Samples are the number one way of pulling people in. No, sampling is not just with food. Create an interactive display that allows the potential client to use your product. 

If you sell tools, have a small, eye-catching project that gives the people passing by chance to try your latest model. 

On the other hand, if you don’t offer a product, but you offer a service, create a virtual tour of your companies processes.

You could create interactive games to engage your clients and provide start-up discounts for those who win. Scavenger hunts within your booth are a fun way to go in a small space. 


Be Unique

Building unique booth exhibits requires some effort beyond a table with a covering over and your company logo on it. To really wow your clients, create dimensions with shapes and materials that are trendy. 

Build a booth with unusual shapes. Toying with shapes gets the attention of potential clients since you stand out from the crowd of tables with products lined on them. However, some unique booth designs resist having a table altogether. 

If you want to get the attention of potential clients from afar and not just a passerby, you can engage the people’s attention with a giant object of the product. 

You could also make these oversized objects interactive. For example, if you are offering a variety of hand creams, place the giant hand cream display of the type you offer, and have each person who samples the hand cream write on the display which they prefer.

With this approach, you receive feedback from customers while drawing them into your booth with a unique trade show exhibit. 


Graphics Are King

Less is more in the world of design, especially when it comes to creating a unique trade show design. Everything from your font choice to your images must complement one another with the trendy flows of modern techniques. 

The fonts communicate your brand and important concepts to your customers. However, be careful not to get too fancy with this part of your design, as it may deter people rather than draw them in if it’s too complicated. 

The images you choose to use for your product should remain transparent with excellent lighting. It’s ideal for the photos to be taken simultaneously or in the same circumstances to keep the branding similar. 


The Best Booth Design: Trade Show Experts

Hopefully, after reading all these ideas for creating the best booth designs for a trade show, you’re fired up and ready to go. Let creativity flow while you work out your plan for unique booth exhibits. 

Shop around at other booths, either in person or online, to gather ideas for your booth. You can then combine your ideas with some of theirs to come up with a design best suited for your target audience. 

Shopping around at other trade show booths also gives you a chance to ask others who have more experience. 

Keep in mind that if you can think it, it can come to pass. Your imagination is your roadway to a genuinely outstanding booth design for a trade show. 

Contact us here for more information on booth design tips. Here at Rockway Exhibits and Events, we aim to help you be bold in your business pursuits.

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