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The Benefits of Trade Show Booth Design Companies

trade show booth design companies

Trade shows can work like marketing magic when they’re handled the right way. Companies get a chance to expand their brand footprint, make some connections, get more leads, and even learn more about the competition. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could ensure that your next show is a big win? Focusing on your networking skills and marketing materials is a start, but if you should focus on looking into trade show booth design companies.

We know what you’re thinking. You’ve managed tons of trade shows for your company in the past and you see all of them as rousing successes. You may think you’ve already got things handled, but you haven’t truly seen a successful trade show until you’ve worked with a company that handles booth design. 

Still on the fence? Here are all of the reasons why you should work with a booth design company for your next show. 


They Have True Expertise 

It already feels like you have a team of people ready at your company to handle the next trade show. Design and marketing are already working on brochures, and your sales team is already thinking of pitches. What else could you possibly need to make the show a success? 

What could you do if you had someone that’s an expert in blending in-person and virtual elements to make for a great experience, regardless of how you’re attending the show? Your graphic designers are great at managing things that need to be printed on paper, but can they handle imagery for an entire booth display?

When you work with a trade show consultant, you aren’t just getting their help, you’re also getting their expertise. The people on your team may be experts when it comes to their work, but they haven’t made a living out of designing and building outstanding trade show displays. 


Give Back Time

Preparing for a trade show can be timing-consuming, to say the least. You have to think about who you’re sending, what they’re going to pitch, and need to create an entire plan of attack for the entire show. On top of that, your marketing and brand teams will be busy with promotion and making materials.

Everyone on the trade show team is already swamped with work. Do you really want to add more to their plates by requesting that they design an entire engaging display on top of everything else?

Time is one of the most precious resources people have at work. Let your team do what they do best and focus on their work while your booth design company handles the rest. 

Everyone who needs to have a say in things can still be heard. The only difference is that instead of doing the heavy lifting, they’re able to focus on their work and step in when they’re needed. 


Manage Logistics 

People tend to underestimate just how tricky setting up a display can be. Have you given any thought to how you’re going to get everything over to the exhibition hall? Your marketing and salespeople are more than happy to work the floor, but are they willing to set everything up?

Working with trade show booth design companies can save you plenty of time. They can handle making sure everything arrives on time and is set up exactly how you want it before trade shows.


Go Big 

You have an appreciation for the standard trade show booth setup. Despite this, you’ve always thought about doing something more.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could set up an entire branded environment where trade show attendees could network, charge their devices, and learn more about your brand? One year you saw an intriguing display from a rival company that allowed people to directly interact with their products, but you couldn’t quite figure out how to do it on your own. 

If you really want to take your trade shows up a notch, help from a professional booth design company is an absolute must. They’re experts in planning and execution that can help bring your ultimate vision to life. 

One of the best things about working with professional design companies is that they’ve seen it all, and then some. You may have the beginnings of an idea, but they can help do the work to bring it to life. 


Create Engaging Experiences 

When you think about the average trade show setup, you usually don’t think of anything too elaborate. There’s a nice booth, some reading material you can take, a few employees, and maybe some branded pens or notebooks. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could create something that keeps people engaged for more than the 15 seconds it takes to say hello, grab a flyer, and pocket a pen? 

Booth designers know exactly what it takes to keep people interested during trade shows. They know how every sensory element like vision, hearing, and even smell can put your booth attendees in the right mindset. 

Work with a trade show design company if you really want to keep people interested and engaged. With their help, you can create something to keep people interested long after the show ends. 


Find Trade Show Booth Design Companies

A lot of different things need to come together to create an engaging and successful trade show experience. You’ll need creativity, a great message, and a way to bring people in. Luckily for you, the right trade show booth design companies can help you with everything you need. 

Whether you’re planning on an in-person show or need to create something for a virtual experience, you need to bring in the professionals so your company gets the results it needs.

Are you ready to work with a company that knows what it takes to get noticed on a busy trade show floor? Contact us so we can talk about your trade show booth design ideas. 

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